JustFab Online Fashion Retail Brand Headed For Wall Street IPO

Some fashion brands make it, and some do not, especially in the world of e-commerce. The opportunities are large for companies to break into the online retail world, and it’s become the way to shop in modern times. It might look easy, but the failure rate is high for new start-ups.

That is why JustFab Inc. has become a fashion phenomenon, set to draw in revenue of $650 million, up from $505 million last year. An article in the latimes took a look at the success of this subscription online fashion retailer and how the unique concept is working, with more than 4 million global VIP members.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the co-founders of JustFab Inc., and they happen to be online branding geniuses with an impressive resume of successes. They recently hired Todd Tappin as the company’s new chief financial officer, who is an expert with IPOs. The rumors are circulating that JustFab is going to go public in the fall.

According to Bloomberg, JustFab sells on-trend women’s shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories at savings of 30% off each time a VIP member makes a purchase. The concept is all about personalized shopping with five boutique categories that a new member chooses to be in. These include JustFab’s Trendsetter, Femme Nouveau, Bombshell, Modern Classic and Girl Next Door. All designs are created and produced in the company’s spacious Los Angeles headquarters, passing the value and savings to the subscription members.

There is a five-day window at the beginning of the month to skip and not be charged at all, or to buy something at any price.

Just Fab also has successful off-shoot online retailers like Fabletics with Kate Hudson, Fabkids and FL2 with Oliver Hudson. Plus, they own the famous subscription retailer ShoeDazzle.

JustFab is also hinting at a corporate name change, with the new name avoiding the word “fab.”

Stay tuned for all the “fabulosity,” ladies.

Will 100 Fabletics Stores Change The Way Women Dress?

Kate Hudson began the Fabletics brand when she was searching for clothing she could wear out of the house on a busy day. Her brand grew from a subscription company that sent women their clothing via post to what will be 100 stores across America. 100 stores may change the way in which women shop, and their shopping will change entirely once they have walked into a Fabletics store for the first time. This article explains how dressing for the day will become much simpler once a Fabletics store is in the neighborhood at http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Fabletics-Retail-Stores-Opening-38342683.

#1: Why Are Neighborhood Stores A Boon For Business?

Shopping online is not something every woman will do, and there are quite a few women who will enter the store to try on everything they enjoy. It is quite simple to shop inside a store, and over 100 stores in America will help Fabletics reach their most-reliable customers. The ease with which Fabletics shoppers may choose clothing in the store increased the likelihood they will leave the house with the clothes on the next day.

#2: Why Are Fabletics Clothes Versatile?

Fabletics is an athletic wear brand that provides women with clothes they may use for any purpose they choose. Women who are dressed for the gym may walk the sidewalks of their town square as they shop, or a lady in a loose dress from Fabletics may change out of the dress once arriving at the gym.

The Fabletics brand will spread slowly as it expands to 100 different stores in America, and it is quite possible that their athleisure trend will spread even further due to their association with shopping malls on Twitter. Shopping in a store is far more enjoyable for women who enjoy fashion, colors and personal styling.

Online Haters Are Easy To Fix

Online hate comes in all sorts of forms. When an honest, hard working entrepreneur comes across obnoxious reviews or the sickening musings of a former employee, it can be extremely difficult not to become indignant. Dealing with online hate is a chore. Forbes.com published a thought-provoking article on steps that should be taken to deal with online haters.

Probably the best advice given in the article is to avoid playing their game. Throwing insults around with haters or being defensive about their comments won’t help the cause. Efforts such as these are total wastes of time. Do something more productive instead.

Take the wise advice to direct more attention towards customers. When some outrageous mishap occurs on the internet, customers might end up confused and concerned.  The easiest way to address these concerns is to go to social media, blogs, and elsewhere and restate commitments to loyal customers. Doing so may put them very well at ease. Another positive thing arises here. New customers may be suitably impressed by the professionalism in the statement. As a result, they won’t be as easily scared off after seeing online venom.

The saying “Flowers come from the dirt” can be appropriate here. All the drama and turmoil spawned by the online hating nonsense does deliver publicity. Any time a person’s attention is captured, there is a chance to pitch a sale. Customers love a great deal. No matter what may have originally drawn their attention to the deal, the deal is on the table. If they take advantage of it, then the hate-generated publicity ironically yields the opposite effect the haters were promoting.

Does this all mean that unnerving, hateful content floating around in the search engines is worth ignoring. No, steps should be taken to clean up your online reputation. Searchcleanup.com for information on how to do this.

Again, visit Searchcleanup.com remove negative reviews and to clean up any mess currently manifesting online.

Assessing the Evolution of Hotel Real Estate

Hotel amenities such as free Wi-Fi connection, premium bed linens and complementary meals have become commonplace. Many industry players are now wondering whether this is a pointer that the sector is fast approaching the so-called customer satisfaction plateau. A report released by the North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study reveals that the industry needs to come up with superior inducements. The study is currently in its twentieth year. Every year, the overall guest satisfaction is measured.

Seven major measures are used to determine the overall satisfaction level of hotel guests. These are guest room, hotel services, hotel facilities, cost and fees, reservation, and check-in and check-out. The level of satisfaction is based on a thousand-point scale. Even though the overall satisfaction rate has been improving over the past four years, the rate is much slower than it was in the past. In 2016 for instance, it grew by a mere 1 percent, which is way lower than it previously was.

Industry expert, Rick Garlick attributes this to the fact that the incentives that were previously unique are now conventional and standards. Customers have become accustomed to them to the extent that they will demand for the amenities if they are not available. According to Mr. Garlick, it is up to hotel managers to step up their game so that they offer services that offer value to their brands. This will make guests to feel more appreciated.

Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes is one of Ohio’s most prominent commercial real estate agents. During his successful three decade career, he has sold real estate valued at more than 4 billion dollars. In addition, he has cut a niche for himself by selling the most exquisite hotels in the Midwest.

For more than thirty years, Terry has owned and operated Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd, which is based in Dayton, Ohio. He works with a team of experienced realtors to maximize client’s wealth. The firm is known for its incomparable market knowledge. It deals in both commercial and residential properties.

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FreedomPop: A Mobile Carrier in Urban Areas

FreedomPop is a unique cell phone carrier that works only off of a VIOP which makes the services and products that are sold more affordable to the customers that are located all over the world. As this company only works off of a VIOP, customers purchase the data services rather than the actual data connection. As this company is partnered with Sprint, the quality of the product is guaranteed at a more affordable rate for those individuals who are on a budget. As an offered plan, FreedomPop has become famous for the offered free phone as well as for the free offered data plan. For a small signup fee, customers of FreedomPop signup for an allotted amount of free voice minutes, text messages, as well as free data. The best part about these deals is the fact that they roll over each month.

If all of the free services have been used up before the end of the month, the upgrade version is just as affordable and offers a variety of different options for the customers to choose from. The reason that this phone service is one of the most affordable services to purchase is due to the clever idea of using wifi hot spots rather than using cell phone towers. With over 10 million wifi hot spots to choose from, this new way o thinking is especially convenient for those that live in rural urban areas where hot spots are more common.

For parents who are giving their child a phone for the first time and are looking for a way to limit their phone usage, this is the best option. Without ever breaking the bank, parents or any other individual can put as many members as desired onto the FreedomPop plan. As the phone only works in wifi hot spots, this means that no teenager or any other individual can use the phone while driving or while doing any other focus-needing activity. This plan will help parents feel safer.

Within just a year of creating this company, the company has not only partnered with Sprint and has received many investors, but has also become an international company. Soon mobile carriers will be affordable to individuals who are located all around the world.


Answers for Incorporate Olympic Valley


It’s been a difficult time in Lake Tahoe. This is especially true for the communities in north shore. This is because there was a drought that caused a lot of resorts and businesses to lose money. These resorts usually saw a lot of people in the winter but that wasn’t the case due to the high temperatures. With such high temperatures there wasn’t much for tourists to do without the normal winter activities, such as skiing. The other difficulty that this area has faced in the past few years is a battle over getting Olympic Valley incorporated. It has been a long battle that a lot of citizens and business owners didn’t want to deal with.

The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, whose name is Andy Wirth, is very glad that both of these difficulties have ceased. According to https://about.me/andywirth Andy Wirth has put a lot of effort into making a great ski destination. He also contributes to a lot of organizations. These organizations focus on environmental issues as well as community service projects.

This organization helps military personnel and their families. He founded this team after he had a terrible accident after skydiving. He nearly lost his life when he landed in a vineyard filled with sharp wires and others items. After severing his arm and having to get medical attention he decided to help others.

The businesses and resorts in Tahoe were very happy when storms happened early in the season that made the temperatures right to open earlier than they normally do for the season.  Andy Wirth didn’t want this to happen because it would increase taxes on citizens in the area. It would also decrease services that people needed such as the removal of snow from the streets and maintenance of the roads. Now that they are not fearing incorporation Andy Wirth now wants the community to come together to deal with some of the issues they are dealing with. He wants to work with the community to come up with better transportation options for the people living and traveling in the north shore area.

Andy is very happy that he can continue to run Squaw Valley Ski Holdings without fearing incorporation. Most of the citizens in the area agree that this was a great thing for Lake Tahoe and the communities of north shore. This story originally appeared and was published in the Reno-Gazette Journal. You can read the original story and read more about it here: http://www.rgj.com/story/life/outdoors/recreation/2015/12/03/squaw-alpine-boss-looks-turn-page-divisive-fight/76735928/

Soros: Russian Aggression In Ukraine Must Be Deterred, But Sanctions A Mixed Bag

George Soros, the billionaire currency trader, has been heavily involved in Ukraine for a number of years through the work of his Ukrainian-based Renaissance Foundation. In 2014, when chaos hit the country beginning with protests in Maidan Square that eventually toppled the government, Soros was uniquely positioned to comment on the course of events in Ukraine.

As Soros has written, the February 2014 Maidan protests arose from a restive population that wanted Ukraine to orient itself to a modern, democratic vision connected to Europe. The immediate impetus for the crisis was Russian efforts that “outmaneuvered” the European Union over a proposed EU association agreement with Ukraine.

In the immediate aftermath, George Soros urged European leaders and especially German Chancellor Angela Merkel and to quickly come to the aid of Ukraine. However, he also begged Merkel to work to bring Russian President Vladimir Putin to the table as a constructive partner for the future of Ukraine.

In March 2014, however, Putin annexed the Crimea. Soros and most of the world viewed this annexation as a flagrant violation of international norms and of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Read more:
George Soros – Project Syndicate

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Instead, Soros began to focus on steps the West could take to shore up the Ukrainian economy and prevent Russian action from destabilizing the political and business structure of the “new Ukraine.” He strongly supported debt relief for the embattled Ukrainian government and repeatedly urged the global community, especially the member states of the European Union, to contribute generously to Ukraine. For instance, at a time when the International Monetary fund recommended a $15 billion rescue package for Ukraine, Soros publicly advocated for a $50 billion effort.

These efforts faltered, although international official lenders provided Ukraine with just enough assistance to stave off a crisis. While financial assistance was hard to cobble together, the international community did unite to impose sanctions on Russia as retribution for Putin’s annexation of Crimea and activity to destabilize the Donbas region of Ukraine.

George Soros expressed decidedly mixed feelings about these efforts. In a January 2015 New York Times op-ed co-written with French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, Soros argued that “Ukraine would defend itself militarily, but it urgently needs financial assistance.” He argued that European sanctions were causing Putin to become more popular with the Russian people Ñ because they allowed him to portray Russia’s economic woes as the byproduct of Western aggression and that they were doing little to deter him from continuing to destabilize Ukraine.

In fact, Soros feared that the sanctions would bite Russia so hard they could cause default. And even if default was averted, Soros believed the sanctions were hurting the countries that imposed them at least as much as Russia.

In short, Soros’ view on sanctions against Russia is best summed up simply: a necessary evil, not a desirable policy option.

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Tarallucci e Vino A Perfect Event Location

Anyone looking for a private event space should consider the Spotted Pig on West 11th Street in Manhattan. Though small, it is popular with fans of good, simple food.  They also have a cozy environment that is perfect for more relaxed parties or celebrations.

Someone planning a larger event, or who wants a more exotic menu and setting, can instead rent out China Blue. Picky and adventurous eaters alike will both enjoy this new Tribeca event space. It is decorated in soothing blues and greens and offers delicious Chinese and Dim Sum menu options.

A sleek and modern alternative to the above options is Tarallucci e Vino. It is situated conveniently in Union Square and has multiple floors that can be rented out. Additional locations in the Upper West Side, The Village, and the Cooper Hewitt are also available. This makes it a flexible option that can accommodate both large and small events.

Tasty treats like arancini and fico can be served alongside heartier dishes like risotto or rigatoni. The furniture at Tarallucci e Vino is custom made for the space, and the design of the space itself is both warm and stylish. It is a great option for anyone planning an event.

<iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3023.082916647194!2d-73.99279368459423!3d40.73820097932911!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x89c259a246789991%3A0x3275eca9bcfbcf87!2sTarallucci+E+Vino!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1467578597481” width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

How Martin Lustgarten’s Experience has Helped Shape Investment Banking

There are many investment banks in the United States and many other countries around the globe. Investment banks are essential for the growth of a country and have come to become one of the pillars that greatly support the financial sector of any country. Essentially, an investment bank is a financial institution that assists individual investors, corporations and their governments to raise funds by underwriting. They can also do this by being the investor’s agent in purchasing of securities for them at the stock exchange. An effective and experienced investment banker ought to give the client or investor, sound investment of the best stocks to purchase or dump based on certain factors. An example, where one is an amateur but is interested in buying shares, he or she ought to approach an investment bank where he will receive investment advice and the shares to buy.


Commercial banking and investment banking services are also regulated under different legislations in many countries. An investment bank may at times also be involved in mergers and acquisition of companies that are publicly listed at the bourse. They are mainly involved in what is referred to as sell side and buy side. Sell side involves the investment bank buying and selling securities on behalf of investors. On the other hand, buy side means providing investment advice to corporations such as hedge funds and private equity funds. One of the places that investment banks have thrived significantly is the United States. This is informed by the large number of individual investors and corporate investors.


One of the best investment bankers in the United States is Martin Lustgarten. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten Martin an investment banking company in Florida in the United States of America. The Investment bank has managed to help many locals make informed investment decisions.


Fueled by tenacity and high ethical standards, the firm has set itself apart from other investment banks in the United States of America. The firm has advised many of its clients and has helped them secure funds for financial transactions.

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