US Money Reserve Says Precious Metals Market In Demand

As the precious metals markets continue to reign glorious, US Money Reserve says small investors are just starting to secure a bigger advantage in the market.

Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium continue to be an attractive investment. Commodities experts at US Money Reserve point out the lower interest expectations from the Federal Reserve have placed significant demand on precious metals. They are more affordable for investors, and precious metals offer security, especially against a weak US currency. Most investors find gold and silver much more attractive that the latter crowd of metals, but US Money Reserve analysts warn not to ignore the other metals.

Palladium In Strong Demand

These two metals play an important role for the automotive industry and their manufacture of vehicles, and there has been global signs of upward demand. About five and a half grams of platinum is typically used for catalytic converters in diesel engines. Diesel is slowly evaporating in the United States, but in Europe, more than 50 percent of vehicles today use diesel engines. Certain areas of Europe have already devised plans to eliminate diesel by the year 2020, but waiting in the wings is Palladium, which is heavily used in gasoline-powered vehicles.

The demand for palladium is already up, and with Europe switching from diesel to gasoline engines, the precious metal will send the demand for palladium sky-high. The experts at US Money Reserve say prices are steady now, but palladium consumption will undoubtedly increase quickly as the European switch nears.

Precious Metals Also Found In Every Day Devices

Cellular devices also use precious metals including gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium. Most people are unaware of all the common uses for precious metals. Palladium and platinum are commonly used in office equipment like fax machines and printers, and analyst indicate there are many new useful applications that make precious metals crucial in upcoming technology processes. So why is investing in precious metals a smart move? Metals will always have use in every day devices, and more so as technology expands into new venues. As US Money Reserve analysts point out, industrial uses for precious metals like palladium is just one reason small investors should consider the potential use and profit potential.

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