Guilherme Paulus’s Hospitality Career

He is a renowned hotelier with international recognition. He is the pioneer of a popular tour operator based in Brazil known as CVC. Mr. Paulus also founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts. The hotels’ group has control of more than 20 facilities. He entered the job as an intern at IBM where he started creating networks with prominent individuals.

Currently, Guilherme Paulus is considered as one of the most successful individuals in the business sector. The main areas of operation include Maceio, Recife, Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. More than 5,000 people have benefited from the hotels through direct employment. From 1995, he has invested a lot of money in bringing up modern structures.

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Through Guilherme Paulus’s group of hotels, over 100,000 clients have been served over the years. During a recent interview, he disclosed that Carlos Vicente Cerchari was the brain behind the CVC venture. According to him, he was a state deputy at the time. The two entrepreneurs met during a ship trip. Guilherme Paulus was a resident of Sao Paulo when the business was started. Just like any other young entrepreneur, he faced financial constraints in setting up the organization. Some of his colleagues always pointed out that Mr. Paulus had the characters of a good entrepreneur. For four years, he worked closely with his partner in growing the firm. His partner left the venture to pursue personal goals. He believes that optimism is one of the main reasons behind his entrepreneurial success.

The business expert is very organized, and he engages in the scheduling of his weekly activities every day. According to him, proper scheduling has enabled him to be more productive in his ventures. He believes that technology has transformed the business world. According to him, it has the potential to make any business more competitive and productive. He uses modern technology to identify and fulfill the changing needs of the customers. Mr. Paulus travels a lot around the business premises to ensure that all the business operations are carried out as planned. According to him, developing good customer relations is one of the best ways to ensure high customer retention. For that reason, he values the input of the clients and actively seeks solutions to solve their problems.