Global Festivals Honor Alexandre Gama

Brazilian creatives can look to the ongoing career of Rio de Janeiro born Alexandre Gama as paving the way for them in their own attempts to become more successful than ever before on a global scale. Gama has been a success at both national level within Brazil and as a globally recognized advertising executive with one of the world’s best respected ad agencies; the Neogama ad agency established by Alexandre Gama has become one of the world’s top agencies through a business link to London’s BBH agency and now as an independent.

The career of Alexandre Gama has given the world much to admire, including the 2014 Johnnie Walker campaign named the best of the year by his peers, but Gama has also shown those in the Brazilian advertising industry they have the ability to reach out to a global audience. Gama has spent much of his career seeking new ways of exploring the opportunities offered in emerging areas of the advertising industry and now brings the vast amount of experience he has developed as a global leader for the Neogama BBH agency he headed before returning to an independent state for his Neogama Brazil brand.