Rocketship Education – Driving Transformation in Education Systems

Rocketship Education transform lives every day through its public schools in California. Beginning in 2006, the foundations for this group of schools was laid by Preston Smith and John Danner. The philosophy of these schools is to reach out to low economic groups of people and provide top-quality education. This will enable the gap between high and low-income students to decrease as each student of Rocket school strives to achieve their potential. Rocketship Education based schools are located in Nashville, Bay Area, Washington DC, and Milwaukee.

Rocketship Education focuses on parent and child relationships with the school. Rocketship Education has reached out to aid children who lost their homes during the flooding of SanJose. It provided rapid aid to 30 children’s families in the form of shelters and needed items. This shows the commitment of Rocketship Education to developing ongoing associations with the families of the children at their schools.

Preston Smith, who is one of the co-creators of Rocketship Education. He has donned many hats during his tenure there and functioned as director, principal, and teacher. He has worked extensively towards educator training and inclusion of children with disabilities. Rocketship Education is a thriving community composed of teachers, special educators, support specialists, school leaders and others. Together they help to create an atmosphere of acceptance and commitment towards excellence in their schools.

The Rocketship slogan says that a Rocketeer remains so in all walks of life. The Rocketship Education schools exemplify this through their interactive education system that includes the homes and parents into the working model of education. The approach of this school has been validated through news reports that show that while test scores in some educational centers of California decrease, Rocketship Education school were distinguished by their relative growth. Rocketship Education also endeavors to make school grades easy to comprehend for parents of children. This helps the parents take an interest in their child’s scholastic growth.

Rocketship Education system also stands out for its inclusive policies. It seeks to integrate children of diverse cultures and learning abilities. Moreover, it has an inclusive method of teacher selection as well, encouraging teachers of all ethnic backgrounds to serve at their schools. Their unique school system has achieved great highs, but the best is yet to come.