Roseann Bennett Promotes Access To Mental Health through Telemedicine And Cognitive Behavior Therapy


Roseann Bennett is a qualified caregiver with a passion for ensuring that patients undergoing various mental conditions can access therapy. She has dedicated her career to discussing mental health, the challenges of finding treatment and the technologies required for people to receive the required treatment. Bennett believes that with proper channels, resources, and time, she can revolutionize the mental healthcare system by providing patients with the required services. Telemedicine is one of the solutions she proposes.

What is Telemedicine?

As opposed to face-to-face therapy, telemedicine applies a variety of modern technologies to connect patients with therapists. The technologies eliminate the need for physical doctor-patient meetings through Skype and email. Bennett argues that telemedicine makes it easy for patients to access therapy. She notes that telemedicine is not only convenient but effective as it facilitates virtual appointments. The technology also saves patients time and the cost of traveling.

Despite the benefits, Roseann Bennett highlights there is a risk involved in patient data. She says that their data is insecure and there is increased chances of therapists making errors during diagnosis. Moreover, caregivers need the know-how to efficiently utilize telemedicine as it may contribute to some difficulties in providing a consistent quality of services for mental health. See Related Link for more

Bennett’s Academic and Professional Background

Roseann Bennett is a professional caregiver with vast experience in problem-solving. She is the co-founder of Center for Treatment and Assessment, an organization she leads in providing needed help to mental health. She is a certified therapist, counselor, trauma and marriage counselor. Bennett specializes in marriage counseling, trauma, as well as cognitive behavior therapy. She attended Seton Hall University for psychology and counseling. Bennett has worked with adolescents in New Jersey, particularly Somerset, and Warren. She has proven to be compassionate with a broad background in assessment as well as therapy. information.


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Betsy DeVos Is A Forward-Thinking Leader Who Believes The American Educational System Needs Updating

Betsy DeVos is a Michigan native who has always faced opposition when trying to implement her ideas. By the way her political opponents make her sound, you would think that her goals are counter to the regular goals of everyday Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth. DeVos has dedicated herself to pursuing equal educational opportunities for every citizen in the United States. As it is, now, many Americans are forced to attend a failing public school system where violence and poor funding rule the day. In order to change this, DeVos has been working behind the scenes to change laws and minds.


As a philanthropist, Betsy DeVos has donated millions of dollars of her own money towards educational measures and organizations that support her way of thinking. These same organizations work to provide low income people with the same opportunities that wealthy people have. While DeVos grew up in a wealthy family, she has never been at peace with the fact that most children in the U.S.A. must attend a school based solely on the zip code of where their home is located. In Michigan and many other states, she has worked tirelessly to pass legislation that will change this.


In 2017, Betsy DeVos opened up the books of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation so people could take a closer look at where her money has been going. This was done because she was on the cusp of being chosen as the Secretary of Education for the United States. While she has received criticism from her opposition about how much money she has donated to Republican causes and the party itself, when she opened up the books of her charitable organization, it was revealed that she donates a much larger amount to charity.


Betsy DeVos is a forward-thinker who believes that digital learning is just getting started and that it will be advancing much more as the years go by. She believes that the public school system is slowly becoming outdated as it requires children to show up to a specific building to receive their education. She recently expressed her disappointment in an educational system that is not recognizing the strength of digital learning and remarked in an interview that it must be difficult for children to have access to digital learning at home and then be forced to do things in an outdated way at school.


Betsy DeVos also believes that homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools all offer valid ways of educating America’s youth. It is her hope that new legislation will support American families so they can send their kids to a school of their choice. As it stands, many families can’t even begin to think about paying the costs of tuition for many private and charter schools. DeVos works every day to change this, and she continues to make progress along these lines.


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Living a Legacy like Philanthropist Dick DeVos

Living a Legacy like Philanthropist Dick DeVos

When it comes to philanthropic activities, Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos, lead in facilitating positive change in the society. So, how much have they contributed in their lifetime to be considered as charitable contributors? It’s quite a huge amount I would say, $139 million! As of 2015, their contribution had reached to $11.6 million according to a report on a website on their foundation. The amount was double that which they had raised in the previous five years.

Besides his active role in philanthropy, DeVos has been active in politics for over a decade now. He drew the inspiration on politics from his father, Rich DeVos, who is also the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Moreover, Dick’s dad has played an active role in philanthropy where together with his children, they donated a total of $104 million in donations in 2015 where Michigan Schools were the main beneficiaries of the donations. For the DeVoses, education gets higher priority in their donations. Take for example the year 2015, education sector received 26% of the total donations of $3 million. DeVos stresses that inequality to access of education and inability to fulfill education dreams is what drives him and his family to continue supporting education systems in America.

Since 1974, DeVos worked in various positions at Amway Corporation while operating several departments of the company. In 1984, he served as the vice president of the firm in 18 countries, a position he held for five years, before starting his own company, The Windquest Group. His company mainly involved manufacturing storage and closet organizers as well as marketing them. Later, in 1993, he succeeded his father as the president of Amway Corporation after returning to the company in the same year. The new position helped him oversee the restructuring of the company to become an umbrella firm, Alticor, comprised of three companies; Quitar Corporation, Access Business Group and now Amway Corporation.

DeVos retired in 2002 as the president of Alticor to enable him to focus on Windquest Group as well as pursue political ambitions. Looking into his family life, DeVos and his wife Betsie have four children namely, Rick, Elissa, Ryan and Andrea. Dick’s wife Betsy DeVos is the current US Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. Betsie takes a lot of philanthropic characters from her husband and especially in supporting equal education for all children in America as well as championing for an increase in donor base for the country to support various courses. She is also the founder, president and the owner of Prince Corporation that is situated in Holland, Michigan. She has been the strongest support for Dick DeVos both in business as well in supporting charitable courses and their legacy will be felt for various generations to come.


A Sneak Peak into Dick DeVos, the Michigan Entrepreneur

Mr. Dick is a prominent businessman who is the co- founder of the privately owned Amway Corporation with Jay Van Andel. He began his work in the Amway Corporation in 1974. Dick held important positions of the firm’s departments with different levels of responsibility. In 1984, Mr. Dick was nominated as the vice president of the of the company’s operations in 18 states. Consequently, he earned a great experience outside the family owned company.


In 1989, the competent entrepreneur left the corporation to start a new business venture, The Windquest Group. The company manufactured and marketed storage and closet organizers. He was then appointed to manage the National Basket Associations of the Orlando Magic Basketball franchise, which was acquired by the DeVos family.


Dick DeVos later returned to the Amway Corporation in 1993, where he served as its president. He restructured the company and established an umbrella firm and named it as the Alticor Corporation. It comprised of the Access Business Group, the Quixtar Corporation, and the Amway Corporation. Under Alticor, the business increased its operations to more than 50 nations and territories in six continents.

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His Political Activities


Dick DeVos decided to enter into politics in 2006 and ran for governor in the state of Michigan on the Republican ticket. He was considered and recognized by a majority of people as the wealthiest man to run for the governorship of Michigan. He spent as much as $40 million of his money for campaigns. Unfortunately, DeVos lost the election to Jennifer Granholm by a margin of 14 points.


Dick DeVos’ Philanthropic Works


Mr. Dick is the president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. It is a Grand Rapids area organization that has donated thousands of dollars to artistic, civic, educational, religious and free market organizations since 1990. DeVos established the West Michigan Academy in 2010, which is the nation’s first aviation public charter high school. The chief aim of starting the school was to combine their passion for education, for kids and for flying and increase the number of aviators in the community.


The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation has reinforced ArtPrize, an art competition in Grand Rapids since 2009. They committed $22.5 million to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. It was then renamed as the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. The institution offers practical training to arts managers and board members on stages of professional development in the US.