Mr. Brad Reifler, Expert Investor

Mr. Brad Reifler, as reported by Bloomberg, holds multiple positions as Partner at CIFCO International Group, Founder, and CEO of Capital Markets Management, LLC, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, Inc.

He has also served in other capacities as a board member of a host of 5 different organizations across 6 different industries. Brad Reifler holds a degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Crunchbase told us that as reported on his official website, Brad Reifler founded the Reifler Trading Company in 1980 that managed discretionary accounts and then advanced into instructional research, global derivative advisory and execution services.

In 2000 he sold his company to Refco, Inc. Prior to deposing of his company, he had established himself as financial services professional trusted globally. In 1995 he founded Pali Capital, a broker dealership concentrating mainly in the equity markets.

He created a differentiated strategy that enabled him to expand his hedge funds. His equity trading techniques coupled with credit analysis research and derivative structures helped him to market his hedge packaged strategy and well executed.

His company’s growth was gradual within a 13 year period but eventually, it did well in excess of $1 billion income from commissions employing over 300 workers and opened subsidiary offices in 4 continents.

In January 2014, Brad started a Forefront Income Trust, a non-traded interval fund. Branded the 40 act fund is intended to help middle-level Americans to invest in products formerly reserved for the 1% accredited investor.

According to him, the fund is not associated with the equity markets; it makes money after the investor makes 8% contribution. For direct investments, 3% is donated to veterans and military families.

Brad Reifler is a contributor to Huffington post has written about US factory activities, finance, and the national economy. He has also given motivational speeches to groups and individuals encouraging them to get involved in the world of investing.

According to Market Wired, Brad Reifler is known for his public speeches to middle and lower classes urging them on to save for their future. He has been and continuous to be an outspoken member of his community in terms assisting people with ideas to rediscover themselves by planning for their future and to find lasting financial freedom.