A History of Intelligent Television-NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV seems to have found a magic formula that sustains its audience. In over two decades, the award-winning television program has brought together all kinds of reviews. NewsWatch TV airs technology and electronic gadgets reviews, news on health, entertainment, and travel, general consumer reviews, plus trendy celebrity interviews. The Bridge Communications, LLC owned program features the likes of Susan Bridges, Michelle Ison, and Michael Tropeano as hosts. Reporters are Eric Forrest, Leslie Alston, Scott Steinberg, and Chris Vaughn.

Bridge Communications, LLC dedicates efforts and resources in communication and video production. Their program, NewsWatch TV, airs on ION Television Network (plus its affiliates) and on the AMC Network (7 a.m.). It also airs on syndicated local stations (independent).

NewsWatch TV’s Evolution

This program first aired in 1990 (March). Ever seen then NewsWatch has been continuously keeping up with media trends to achieve great success. Early on, the directors of the program decided to focus on entertainment-oriented TV news. They chose to air a variety of subjects thus creating interest in a wider audience.

In April 2011, the program began focusing on tech news. It was when NewsWatch TV started the consumer review segment. The reviews focused on gadgets and technology. The new program niche greatly expanded NewsWatch TV’s audience base. It created a new design and purpose for NewsWatch. As a result of the review segment, the company has worked with some Fortune 500 companies to air paid product reviews.

Due to the success of the consumer review segment, NewsWatch launched (May 2012) the AppWatch Segment. It is a segment that is now popular. It focuses on reviewing IOS, Windows, and Android device mobile apps. Andrew Tropeano hosts the weekly-airing show. Ever since it watch, AppWatch became an audience favorite fast.

NewsWatch incorporated celebrity interviews to increase viewer ratings and entertainment value. Some celebrities who have featured on NewsWatch before are Chris Pratt, Woody Harrelson, Brooklyn Decker, Jennifer Lawrence, and Julianne Moore. There have also been celebrity athletes like Jerry West and Joe Montana.

Recently, NewsWatch won both Platinum and Gold 2017 Marcom Awards. It also won the National Videographer Award (2017). Since its launch in 1990, NewsWatch has expanded to several networks. It has expanded social media reach, online distribution, and created solid partnerships with satellite and cable providers.