Matthew Autterson has provided Leadership in Multidisciplinary Sectors

Matthew Autterson is a successful man, not only in his education but also in his career. Matthew graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance in the year 1980 from Michigan State University. He proceeded to the University of Denver for a Graduate Tax Program. Career-wise, Matthew began at the First Trust Corporation but left in 1982.

Autterson ganged up with a small business team to found a new Colorado State trust company. It is a subsidiary of the New York based Integrated Resources Inc. In 1986, Autterson became the President of the Resources Trust Company. The company was, however, acquired in 1989 by Broad Inc. It was renamed SunAmerica, which was subsequently purchased by the global AIG in 1998 at the cost of $18 billion.

Board membership and leadership

Matthew Autterson has stood out in the financial services industry. He rose to become the president of the largest state charted financial institution in the entire country. He is regarded with high esteem and considered one of the leaders in Colorado’s business community and a member of the Board of Directors of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). At the organization, Autterson’s interest in philanthropy has been given prominence owing to his leadership as a member of the Board of the Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation. Mr. Autterson was also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Denver Hospice.

Other Roles and Skills

Matthew Autterson is currently a board member, President and the Chief Executive Officer of the CNS Bioscience International. Scott Falci founded the organization in 2013. The CNS is a clinical centered stage-drug development company with its focus on neuropathic pain. Matthew Autterson has a wealth of life, financial and professional skills including wealth management, private asset and estate management and lastly consultation.

Falci Adaptive Motors

The Falci Adaptive Motors, where Matthew Autterson is a board member is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, 3425 S, Clarkson Street. The company has no international presence or any other location outside the United States. In Matthew Autterson’s archives, the high-profile socialite Holly Kylberg graced and helmed the Nordstrom opening. She had just arrived from the Baja 1,000, the famous 1296 mile race in Mexico. Autterson was leading the six-member team. The team comprised of Dutch Rehbun, Buz Wiepking and Matthew Autterson’s daughter Madison Autterson, who joined Holly as the few games in the race.