FreedomPop Gains Customers by Offering Alternative Cell Phones

FreedomPop is giving a lot of customers options to cut down their cell phone bills and their internet services. This has become something of a budget saver for millions of people that simply could not afford the high prices that cell phone carriers and internet service providers were charging. FreedomPop signifies a change in the way that people are getting service. People are finding out that they no longer have to spend a fortune on phone service anymore.


There is lot of praise for FreedomPop because it’s different from what consumers have been used to for all these years. For so long the average consumer with a phone carrier from companies like Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint have been used to contracted service. There is no doubt that this service is different from these major phone carriers. Over the years people have just grown accustomed to contracts where they would have to sign for 2 years. There would be some very healthy fees that would be associated with any termination of contracts. This is what people have become accustomed to, and many of them were scared to leave their phone carriers because the fees were so ridiculous for breaking the contract.


What FreedomPop represents is the freedom from these contracts that were previously imposed by the major phone carriers. Even consumers that had internet service would find that they could only get discounts on the service if they have the bundled packages. These discounts would only last for a 12 month period, and then homeowners would be at the mercy of the internet service provider. They would get charged for these bundled packages that were almost twice as much as what they were previously paying during a special promotional period. FreedomPop, again, has relinquished homeowners from the nightmare of paying astronomical fees for internet service in the home.


There is a lot that is going on in technology, and more people are becoming accustomed to using smartphones for everything that they need to get done. This makes it very convenient to have a company like that offers these types of incentives to use smartphones. Many people have avoided a smart phone because the data plans were so outrageous. This is not something that consumers have to worry about if they make a decision to acquire a FreedomPop plan. There are no insane fees for data plans that give customers unlimited data.