Get Talking On The FreedomPop Network With Their Free Phone Service

Wireless services have come a long way from offering flip phones and straight phones with a low amount of talk time and no data to giving unlimited data, talk time, and text messages. With everything changing, why wouldn’t FreedomPop also change along with times? FreedomPop started off offering their free cell phone service with limited text messages that wouldn’t pass 500 text messages per month, but now, the same plan has unlimited text messages. The talk time on the free plan is 200 minutes per month as well as giving the user 500 MB of data.


Instead of telling a user of the free cell phone plan that they were stuck within the data limit they had, FreedomPop has offered different ways for the users to add onto their data, and there are even ways to allow the user to extend their talk time as well. The simple answer to extending everything on the free cell phone plan is by using Wi-Fi service, but those with no access to Wi-Fi should always consider the offers that FreedomPop has that can be completed by any member to allow them to obtain free data every month.


Since data is necessary for sending text messages and surfing the Internet, anyone using the free cell phone plan can easily blow through the 500 MB of data when they send a lot of text messages, so completing the offers to get more data is just a good idea. Those who make the choice to get Wi-Fi service that comes from FreedomPop can pay the fee of only five dollars per month for their unlimited Wi-Fi service, which is available through an application. Not every FreedomPop review shows that they have over 10 million hotspots available for anyone using their Wi-Fi service across the USA.


It’s not only the free cell phone service that FreedomPop is offering because they’ve added other plans as well, such as the paid plan for $10.99 that comes with both unlimited talk time and text messages with 500 MB of data. The unlimited everything plan runs at only $19.99 and comes with the unlimited data that every user wants, and both plans can be used with either a Sprint phone that’s been transferred over to FreedomPop or a GSM phone that has a FreedomPop sim card. All FreedomPop sim cards can be purchased directly from the website for as low as $0.99.


FreedomPop: A Mobile Carrier in Urban Areas

FreedomPop is a unique cell phone carrier that works only off of a VIOP which makes the services and products that are sold more affordable to the customers that are located all over the world. As this company only works off of a VIOP, customers purchase the data services rather than the actual data connection. As this company is partnered with Sprint, the quality of the product is guaranteed at a more affordable rate for those individuals who are on a budget. As an offered plan, FreedomPop has become famous for the offered free phone as well as for the free offered data plan. For a small signup fee, customers of FreedomPop signup for an allotted amount of free voice minutes, text messages, as well as free data. The best part about these deals is the fact that they roll over each month.

If all of the free services have been used up before the end of the month, the upgrade version is just as affordable and offers a variety of different options for the customers to choose from. The reason that this phone service is one of the most affordable services to purchase is due to the clever idea of using wifi hot spots rather than using cell phone towers. With over 10 million wifi hot spots to choose from, this new way o thinking is especially convenient for those that live in rural urban areas where hot spots are more common.

For parents who are giving their child a phone for the first time and are looking for a way to limit their phone usage, this is the best option. Without ever breaking the bank, parents or any other individual can put as many members as desired onto the FreedomPop plan. As the phone only works in wifi hot spots, this means that no teenager or any other individual can use the phone while driving or while doing any other focus-needing activity. This plan will help parents feel safer.

Within just a year of creating this company, the company has not only partnered with Sprint and has received many investors, but has also become an international company. Soon mobile carriers will be affordable to individuals who are located all around the world.