Roseann Bennett Promotes Access To Mental Health through Telemedicine And Cognitive Behavior Therapy


Roseann Bennett is a qualified caregiver with a passion for ensuring that patients undergoing various mental conditions can access therapy. She has dedicated her career to discussing mental health, the challenges of finding treatment and the technologies required for people to receive the required treatment. Bennett believes that with proper channels, resources, and time, she can revolutionize the mental healthcare system by providing patients with the required services. Telemedicine is one of the solutions she proposes.

What is Telemedicine?

As opposed to face-to-face therapy, telemedicine applies a variety of modern technologies to connect patients with therapists. The technologies eliminate the need for physical doctor-patient meetings through Skype and email. Bennett argues that telemedicine makes it easy for patients to access therapy. She notes that telemedicine is not only convenient but effective as it facilitates virtual appointments. The technology also saves patients time and the cost of traveling.

Despite the benefits, Roseann Bennett highlights there is a risk involved in patient data. She says that their data is insecure and there is increased chances of therapists making errors during diagnosis. Moreover, caregivers need the know-how to efficiently utilize telemedicine as it may contribute to some difficulties in providing a consistent quality of services for mental health. See Related Link for more

Bennett’s Academic and Professional Background

Roseann Bennett is a professional caregiver with vast experience in problem-solving. She is the co-founder of Center for Treatment and Assessment, an organization she leads in providing needed help to mental health. She is a certified therapist, counselor, trauma and marriage counselor. Bennett specializes in marriage counseling, trauma, as well as cognitive behavior therapy. She attended Seton Hall University for psychology and counseling. Bennett has worked with adolescents in New Jersey, particularly Somerset, and Warren. She has proven to be compassionate with a broad background in assessment as well as therapy. information.


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