JD.com: Awarded The SEAL Award For Creating A Cleaner Future


JD.com, China’s largest builder of e-commerce and retail infrastructure was recently announced to be the recipient of the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. JD.com was chosen to be awarded this honor for their extensive work in environmentally friendly technological innovation as well as their current methods of minimizing their carbon footprint.

For more than five years, JD.com and its team have been working around the clock to conduct research in pursuit of learning better ways to better protect the environment and still have an efficient business. This means studying every step of the manufacturing process, from how the product is made to its packaging.

Other companies around the world to have held the SEAL Award include Apple, Nike, and Samsung to name a few. These companies were chosen by the SEAL Award committee to honor and bring awareness of the need of a global coalition to create more environmentally friendly business practices. A spokesman for JD.com stated that the company is honored to have received the SEAL award. In addition, the award signifies the recognition of their work towards their enduring commitment to environmental protection.

Matt Harney, the founder of the SEAL Award also commented on their recognition. Mr. Matt Harney stated that JD.com was actually the highest voted winner by the SEAL award judges, therefore receiving the highest environmental impact score. The score comes from the enormity of their recycling compared to the amounts manufactured by the company. To shed a little lighter on these numbers, JD.com covers over 47 of the largest cities in China but also manages to recycle over 47,000 toys and one million articles of clothing. Go To This Page for related information.

JD.com is a company that is founded on the principle of personal responsibility in society. Technological advancements by the company have created a vast logistical system that now reaches over 99% of China. Being awarded the SEAL award has propelled JD.com as the company leading the charge for a more environmentally friendly business world.


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