Fortress investment group major success highlights

Fortress investment group LLC (Popularly referred to as FIG) is an investment management firm that deals in the management of liquid hedge funds, credit funds, and alternative assets in private equity. The firm was founded in 1st January 1998 by Peter Briger, Wes Eden and Randal Nardone.

Its headquarters regions are located in New York United States. As of June 30, 2018, this highly diversified investment firm manages about $41.4 Billion worth of the asset. In 9th February 2007, it became the first largest private-equity investment firm to trade publicly in the New York stock exchange. It has been managing assets of over 1750 institutional clients and private investors across the globe in their various field of operation.

Softbank, a Japanese investment firm acquired fortress investment group for $ 3.3 billion In July 2017. There were two significant barriers that Softbank had to overcome before this acquisition. The agency in charge of foreign investment in the US agreed to sign this contract only if Soft bank decided to allow it to act independently.

This meant that its headquarters will still be in New York and a Soft bank will not interfere with the way it manages its client’s assets . A soft bank was also required to pay 39 % premium to the share price as well as other transaction before acquiring this group allowing the shareholders in it to receive $ 8.08 per share.

With this acquisition, the founders of Fortress decided to shift from being a public company to a private company becoming the first private equity firm to be delisted in the New York stock exchange. Moreover, this acquisition will enable it to gain a good grip on partners in the Asian Continent.

On July 17, 2018, Fortress Investment Group collaborated with I pass by investing $ 20M in the firm. Ipass is considered the largest Wi-Fi Network in the world.It can provide unlimited Wi-Fi for an infinite number of devices conveniently coupled with better roaming experience for its clients. Consequently, with hotspots areas anticipated to about 340 million worldwide by the end of 2018; Ipass using its cloud-based SaaS strategy is seeking ways to harness this opportunity competitively.

The hot spot areas such as airports, hotel, train station, restaurant, common areas among others require this type of Wi-Fi service for the sake of their customers and clients. Ipass ensures that individuals are productive no matter where they are across the globe through accessing these global hotspots making this investment not only a prudent one but also the preferred choice for Fortress Investment Group.

Chris Burch Expands His Holdings to Include the Indonesian Resort Nihiwatu

A five-star resort owned by Chris Burch and James McBride Nihiwatu is located on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. The resort features 27 villas with their own plunge pools.

Other accommodations include a pair of bi-level treehouses. Featuring five bedrooms and a pool with a view of the Indian Ocean Chris Burch’s personal home “Raja Mendaka” can be reserved.

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For 25 years James McBride managed hotels for other companies. He and Mr. Burch purchased Nihiwatu in 2012. The two invested $30 million in overhauling the property. Leisure + Travel declared the resort to be “The Best Hotel In The World” in 2016.  This link on has additional article about this best hotel in the world.

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Investment Capital. Mr. Burch has had a hand in creating over 50 successful enterprises. Burch Investment Capital has holdings in numerous industries including home furniture, organic foods, the garment industry, hospitality, and technology.  For more details about him, check

Chris Burch established The Christopher Burch Foundation to honor the memory of his son Chris. The foundation is devoted to improving the lives of the less fortunate. Nihiwatu is an extension of his charitable endeavors.   Read his views on business related matters, click on

Besides providing jobs for the local population a portion of the resort’s profits benefits the Sumba Foundation. The SF works to preserve the Sumbanese culture. Local arts and crafts are part of the hotel’s decor. The foundation is also devoted to the health and education of the Sumbanese.

Nihiwatu offers a variety of pastimes. Surfers can ride swells that originate in the southern Indian Ocean. Lessons are available for less experienced wave riders.

Excursions to swim in a blue lagoon are available. Guests can take a sunset horseback ride along the beach. Yoga classes are offered at the Wellness Center or a personal session can be arranged. There is also an extensive indoor/outdoor entertainment area.

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