Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur who has made his vast wealth through investments across multiple industries which include technology, real estate, and fashion.Chris Burch began his rise to success as an undergraduate at Ithaca College where he and his brother invested in a start-up company called Eagle’s Eye apparel. They invested $2000 in the company, and when it was eventually sold to Swire Group, the company was valued at $165 million. After the sale, Chris Burch made several early investments in various industries including Internet Capital Group. Currently, he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital which specializes in investing in new markets.

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Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial talents can be witnessed with his investment in a remote island called Sumba which he saw as a beautiful location for a resort that could attract the affluent and adventurous ( The Island was mostly uninhabited and had a reputation as a destination for surfing. Moreover, Sumba had a natural appeal with its aesthetics and smooth coasts. Building a resort on the island was achieved by Claude and Petra Graves in 1988, and when Burch heard of its beauty and freedom, he decided to help on expanding. Burch then contacted his friend James McBride, former president of YTL Hotels in Singapore, to visit the island who gave very positive reviews about is natural beauty.

After touring for the second time with his sons,Chris Burch decided to buy the resort and called it Nihi Sumba Island. What followed was significant investments to upgrade the facilities and constant expansion of the resort through acquiring more land in the island. Since Chris Burch’s acquisition of the resort, it has become a popular destination for the upscale travelers. It has also been ranked by Telegraph as one of the 50 most magnificent hotels in the world.

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Chris Burch: the Nihiwatu experience.

Chris Burch is an internationally known fashion mogul and business entrepreneur ( The business guru transformed a surfing destination into a five-star destination. The destination is called Nihi, and it is located in the Sumba Islands which is an extremely remote area with very few inhabitants. The hotel which was launched in 2015 has been voted as the best hotel in the world by the Travel and Leisure magazine edition of 2016 as well as 217. The idea of starting the resort came from the mogul who traveled to the area and was intrigued by it and thus partnered up to transform the area to a worthwhile destination.

Nihiwatu which means Mortar stone in the native language was acquisitioned by Claude Graves and his wife Petra Graves in 1988. They came to view the perfect waves evidenced in the island. After the visit, the couple decided to build a resort that would uphold the area’s beauty as well as its uniqueness. The couple named the resort Nihiwatu

Burch comes in the scene by realizing that the area has all forms of freedom with no regulation whatsoever. This was in 2012 when Claude Graves wanted to expand the resort. Chris involved a hotelier named James McBride who was at the time the president of YTL Hotels based in Singapore who would be a good expert in expanding the property.

After multiple trips to the island, the two businessmen bought the property and expanded it to become a favorite destination stop for various upscale travelers from all walks of life all over the world. The resort sits on a seven hundred acre land and is ever increasing as Chris tends to build more structures in the hotel.

The resort is designed to fit the culture of the area and is usually referred to as the ‘edge of wildness.’ The hotel comprises of thirty villas located in the mainland. Each villa is built with woven-reed floors, thatched roofs, and basins that are carved in stone. The villas also have a full exclusion with a breathtaking view of the sea. Families that want their privacy can access the beachside property which is a three-bedroom villa.

Nihiwatu has also incorporated a restaurant which has clean and safe tasty dishes that come from the sea and earth in the location. The recipes include green papaya salad with a dressing of chili lime as well as Balinese Braised pork ribs.

The resort has various activities which the tourists utilize fully. Some include a hike to the Nihi Oka Spa Safari as well as yoga classes done in the resort. There are also land as well as sea excursions to local indigenous sites of the area.  Check for an interesting interview

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Eric Lefkofsky Hopes Tempus Helps Find a Cure

A cure for cancer could be in patients’ DNA, at least that’s what Eric Lefkofsky believes. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus after he saw the problems in how his wife’s patient information was stored and accessed after she received a diagnosis of breast cancer. He also wondered why certain information wasn’t more commonly used as part of a patient’s overall health profile.

Tempus essentially would act as an operating system for cancer treatment and eventually maybe patient care in general by making patient care data-driven. In addition to making information that has already been collected properly analyzed and translated into structured data from fields that are many times hand written, Tempus seeks to make having ones entire genetic sequence as a traditional part of a patient’s health history. Having this information readily available could not only make it easier for doctors to identify treatments that are the most suitable for a patient’s particular chemical makeup, but it could also help identify diseases before they happen by identifying problems a patient is genetically at risk for.

Eric Lefkofsky not only hopes his company will help find a cure, but his altruistic efforts also show where his passion lies. Lefkofsky and his wife have donated millions to cancer related causes specifically in addition to many others. As members of the giving pledge, the Lefkofsky’s have pledged to give over half of their earnings to charitable causes within their lives.

A graduate with a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School, Eric Lefkofsky teaches at the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor. With an interest in advancing the lives of the children in the Chicago area, the Lefkofsky Foundation focuses on human rights, education, arts, and medical research. It was established in 2006 Eric and his wife.

Eric Lefkofsky cofounded groupon and stepped down from CEO to Chairman to better facilitate Tempus. He also co-founded Uptake and Lightbank as well as founding the companies MediaBank and Echo Global Logistics. Lightbank invests in disruptive technology startups, many of which are located in and around the Chicago area.

Investor And Entrepreneur Chris Burch Introduces The World’s Best Hotel

Fashion mogul Chris Burch has built a 5-star resort in Indonesia on Nihiwatu, a remote island, now called Nihi Sumba Island. Travel + Leisure voted it the best hotel in the world two years in a row. Burch purchased a beach hostel on the island’s west coast with hotelier James McBride in 2012. They invested $30 million to renovate it and reopened it as a luxury island resort in 2015.

The resort has 27 private villas each with private plunge pools and decorated with Ikat prints, local wood and traditional Sumbanese antiques throughout. One of the properties, Burch’s private house called Raja Mendaka, includes four other villas and rents for $14,000 a night. The resort boasts a spa located under a waterfall, breathtaking views of Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean, an immense indoor-outdoor entertainment area and 2 two-story tree houses joined by a bamboo bridge. Each has a private infinity pool, balcony, bedroom, bathroom and living area.

There are daily group or private yoga sessions, specially tailored surf lessons on a beach that’s a surfer’s paradise, spa session on the beach or in your room and horseback riding at sunrise and sunset on the beach, through the hills and past the rain forest and rice fields. There are excursions to nearby waterfalls, rock diving into a blue lagoon and Jeep and boat safaris to wilder parts of the island.

Burch and McBride plan to build similar resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Burch Creative Capital’s founder and CEO Christopher Burch has been investing in businesses for 40 years. He began while a student at Ithaca College in 1976. Working with Bob his brother, he invested $2,000 and started Eagle’s Eye Apparel. They bought sweaters and sold them door to door. They eventually sold the company for $165 million. Refer to for a related article.

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Next, Chris Burch became an Internet Capital Group early investor. He has gone on to invest in companies in a variety of industries including technology, real estate and luxury brands like Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, Voss Water, Jawbone, C. Wonder, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, TRADEMARK and Bur+Mah. Burch also provides support for many lifestyle and consumer brands. Part of the secret to Chris Burch’s success is his intuitive understanding of what customers want, his experience with sourcing and sales and his blending of innovation and implementation.   Read an entrepreneur’s view on business related matters on

Caring and socially conscious, Chris Burch gives generously of his time and resources.

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Chris Burch Great Contributions to Various Brands and How he Manages Them

Chris Burch is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He is known to be a famous business person with a lot of experience in various industries for over four decades. His experience has been awesome and his vast contributions in various industries have been of great benefits in his career. Some of the brands he has contributed towards success and greatness are Poppin, Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, Tory Burch and also Jaw Bone. They have been able to successfully achieve in the wode business and have been known for having achieved tremendously.

Chris Burch bought Nihiwatu in the year 2012 which was a very big resort located along the Sumba Islands of Indonesia. He was able to volunteer to the success of the company and was able to achieve the big time in the sector. His mission in the business has been to succeed and he has been on the frontline trying to help as many people as possible make it in the career. The hotel was listed by Travel + Leisure magazine as one of the best in the industry. He has been able to develop it to an extent that it is the best hotel in the world. He also decided to venture more into the hospitality industry when architect Philippe and Alan Faena the famous Hotelier approached him for a partnership. That is when they went forth towards developing another hotel called Faena Hotel + Universe.  Know his latest innovative offering to the market, hit on

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In 2014 July, Chris Burch announced a partnership with the famous Ellen DeGeneres and they launched ED. That was a brand of lifestyle and he used to pursue greatness. In the same year, he was able to launch the famous Cocoon9 which has great designs when it comes to great floors, energy saving features, great finishes etc.   Read an entrepreneur’s views on matters around his area of focus, check

According to, Chris Burch had started his business while he was still in college. He came up with the famous Eagle’s Eye company while he was still at Ithaca College. This is a company they started with only $2,000 and within a short period had been able to expand big time. They sold it to the famous Swire Group.  For contact details, visit

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Chris Burch Predicts The Future Of Fashion

The fashion industry is necessarily going to change over the course of the coming decades. What this change will look like is going to be dictated by the way technology enters our lives. We understand technology as a way to improve the function of our lives, but we rarely think of it as the centerpiece of our fashion. That’s all going to change with the advent of wearable tech. Chris Burch believes this is going to provide them with the means to express themselves in a way that young people understand and love. Given his track record in the past, we can guess this something that will come to pass.  Read an entrepreneur’s view on business related matters, click

The most important thing to understand about Burch’s prediction is how he looks to previous examples of technology in our lives and the way it impacted fashion. We all understand that boomboxes and walkmans were once used as fashion statements by the youth of their eras. It wasn’t just important or fun to have these devices it was clearly a way of showing you were part of the “in” crowd. When we start to wear our technology, we’ll want to have a way to show the world how we clearly think of ourselves and what we want to tell them.

The way things are going suggest that the trends he predicted are going to come to pass. We can already see plenty examples of people wearing their tech such as virtual reality headsets or smartwatches. Now, we’ll need to see what trends take off and which ones fall to the wayside. Burch understands the general direction, but he doesn’t necessarily try to come up with an exact vision of what things will look like. Instead, he lives that to the young minds of today to fill.  Refer to for an additional article.

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One thing nobody can deny about Chris Burch is that he has an eye for fashion and the mind for business. He’s taken the two and managed to make something that everyone can be proud of.   For his latest cool offering to the market, check  There just aren’t many people out there who manage to make it this far and who have this level of success. He is a rare and impressive visionary.  For contact details, head over to

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The Road to Successful Entrepreneurship by Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch known to many by his marketing prowess and also as a household name in the fashion industry is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital and a co-founder at Troy Burch a fashion power house. He has been in entrepreneurship for more than forty years and his involved in a number of business sectors of the economy. Visit the website and learn more about his creative vision and output, click on

He is well known for his knowledge of consumer behavior and that way he has been able to remain relevant in the market despite the dynamic economic environment and the change in consumer behaviors overtime. Christopher has been able to combine innovation and impact both local and international in building brands and companies.

In his over 40year career his skills in entrepreneurship have aided in the growth and development of more than fifty companies that have greatly benefited from the skills he has. Despite all his achievements he continues to work hard so at to remain relevant in the field.

Chris has featured in the most prestigious magazines has one of the most relevant personnel in the fashion and the marketing industry. Not only has he made a name for himself but he has aided in the growth of companies and the growth of the economy in general. One might therefore ask what it takes to be a business mogul or rather a master in their field to the level of global recognition.  To read more info about him, check

Well, it takes hard work, persistence, adaptability to change and the ability to recognize the ever changing needs of the consumer. One also needs to be innovative and open minded in their industry. No one proves all these qualities better than the business mogul Christopher Burch. He made one of the wealthiest men Forbes list in 2014.  More to read here.

What you should know about Managerial Mistakes

A manager is looked up to for major decisions concerning the company’s operations and the various issues that surround the company both the internal and the external environment. It is therefore expected for mangers to make decisions that work in the best interests of the company. Many people fail to realize that managers are humans too and just like any other human, they are bound to make mistakes once in a while.

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Loss of Chris Burch and Other Wealthy Americans Challenges New AmEx CEO

The credit card provider American Express has long served many notable clients with its products and services. One such individual is businessman Chris Burch, who remained a customer of American Express since he joined in 1979. Now, Burch and other well-known figures are leaving AmEx for other alternatives and the exodus present new CEO Stephen Squeri. As he enters the top position of the company following the exit of Kenneth Chenault, Squeri now has a major undertaking of restoring the American Express prestige.

Customers come and go as a part of any projected business outlook, but losing dedicated and notable individuals comes as a huge loss to companies like American Express. Chris Burch was named in 2014 as one of the wealthiest Americans in a list created by Forbes. Just this year, Burch moved his business away from American Express and opted to partner with the credit division of J.P. Morgan Chase.

Although American Express is dedicated to offering helpful credit solutions to the younger generation and gathering the business of millennials, regaining the loyalty of Chris Burch and other prominent figures will be the biggest challenge for Stephen Squeri. As the presence of digital currency and money-sharing services becomes more popular, AmEx is facing a much more urgent situation in maintaining its top-tier status.

Chris Burch is a successful serial entrepreneur who most recently created his own firm, Burch Creative Capital, where he serves as the CEO.   Additional article on  Burch has been involved with entrepreneurial ventures ever since he was still a student in college and founded Eagle’s Eye Apparel with his brother. The company started with an investment of only $2,000 and grew into a successful clothing enterprise worth north of $165 million before the Burch brothers released it for sale.  More to read on

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The early experience of success in business leadership gave Chris Burch the skills and experience he would use over the course of his career.  Read his views on business related matters, hit on

He has been a principal investor in different startup businesses, including the notable Internet Capital Group. His portfolio of investments reflect a considerable amount of diversity, from clothing and lifestyle consumer products to luxury real estate projects in locations across the globe.  Learn more about his impressive portfolio of investments on

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How Amex Is Planning On Bringing Back Its Competitive Edge

With an increase in competitors, Amex is facing rising competition from firms such as PayPal and banks. Recently, PayPal which is a Silicon Valley payment company known to many as an e-wallet experienced a surge in market share approximated to be a 1.84% increase. With the rise in the market in market share, it is true that the company eclipsed Amex when it comes to profitability and investor confidence.

The current situation has both investors and stakeholders worried as they aren’t sure how Amex will deal with the disruptions from competitors and other emerging payment options, Amex has been issuing credit and debit cards to its clients, these cards are always paid off on a monthly basis. Other than this Amex has been providing loans to individuals and companies alike.

After these incidents, his employees suggested that he needed to try the services of the Sapphire Reserve Card which he started using. Later that year, he emailed Mr. Chenault to inform him of his disappointment, a few weeks later Mr. Burch received an email from a customer care representative which according to him, read like a form letter.

Over the years, Amex has been losing its clients to the firm’s competitors; this is the reason behind Amex’s significant drop in market share. Its competitors, both card networks such as Visa Inc. and banks have been posting better returns while at the same time undergoing a surge in subscribers and an overall incline in market share.

Last year alone, Amex experienced a 22.9% drop in market share, this statistic was obtained from Nomura Instinet. In 2015, statistics cap Amex’s drop in market share at 25.4% meaning that the company is progressively experiencing a decline in market share and subscribers, something that may eventually lead to the downfall of a once great company. It is worth noting that the recent lending push by Amex has helped the company improve its annual earnings this year.

Christopher Burch is an American businessman known as the founder and current chief executive officer at Burch creative capital. His company’s investment philosophy expresses Burch’s entrepreneurial values alongside his vision for new investment opportunities.  For more of his views on business related matters, hit on

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He has had a career spanning almost four decades as an investor and entrepreneur. Burch has been part of the success of more than 50 different companies. Have an in-depth look at his creative output on

By combining the skills he has developed over the years and a unique understanding of consumer behavior, Burch has built a long record of merging innovation to impact.  For his latest innovative product offering to the market, click on

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Chris Burch: The Diverse Entrepreneur

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and businessman who has become an icon for other entrepreneurs to look up to. He is a well-known personality and is considered to be one of the most renowned billionaires in the world. He has had a number of successful ventures that have worked out exceptionally well for him, making him the successful name that he is today. One of the primary fields that Chris Burch has worked in is in the field of fashion, in which he has had the most number of successful ventures. In addition to the fashion industry, he has also had several other ventures in the field of finance, hospitality, and several others.  Know more of his diverse investment on

One of the main fashion brands that Chris Burch is known for is Tory Burch, which is a company that he formed with his wife who is also the head designer for the brand. The company is one of the most successful brands for high-end fashion and has millions of customers all over the world. Chris Burch is no stranger to the fashion industry since one of the first companies that he started up was in this sector. When he was studying in college, he decided to form a brand with his brother that would sell sweaters to the students of the college. He and his brother pooled in a total of $2000 to start up this venture, which ended up being extremely successful. The brand was later sold to another investor for a total of $60 million.   Refer to for additional article.

Today, Chris Burch mainly focuses on running his own company serving as the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The company has been doing exceptionally well and has helped Chris Burch with his entrepreneurial ventures of investing into other business ideas. Through the company, he has helped several other business ventures grow, which in turn has aided the success that Chris Burch has been seeing. With the help of the company, Chris Burch has been able to diversify his investments even more than before and has helped him tap into a significantly larger pool of potential business ideas. For an additional article to read. click on

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One of the newest business ventures that Chris Burch took on was in the field of hospitality. He decided to open up a one of a kind luxury hotel called the Nihiwatu which is located on a private island in Indonesia. The hotel has received excellent reviews and is visited by people from all over the world.  More about the resort on

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