Entrepreneur Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is a successful entrepreneur. Chris invests widely across different industries and has been in the business for over four decades now. He is responsible for the rise of some technology and luxury brands. Those brands include Faena Hotel Universe, Voss Water, Jawbone, and Poppin. Previously, he was a board member at Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group.

The US-based billionaire, Chris Burch, grew an interest in Sumba, a remote Indonesian atoll. It is the native home of Christian-Animist tribes. That is a group of people characterized by their belief in animals’ and plants’ spirits. Sumba Island has a rich cultural heritage yet so poor financially. The Island stole Burch’s heart when he visited the place roughly two years ago.

The beautiful landscapes and the warm welcome he received blew his mind. This was not what he was expecting. He then decided to invest in Nihiwatu. It is a small beach resort established by Claude and Petra Graves in the 1980s. Before Burch put in his investment, it was just another simple beach resort. Also affiliated with a charitable foundation that helped the locals. It was for this reason that Chris Burch decided to invest in Nihiwatu and the foundation (businessinsider.com).

Two years into the investment, Burch has accomplished his mission of transforming the resort. He put in $30 million, and he has got value for his money. He has turned around Nihiwatu Beach Resort into an exclusively luxurious and sustainable resort. The area surrounding the resort is naturally beautiful. It is a lush jungle with sandy beaches and breath-taking waterfalls.

Burch plans to develop Nihiwatu into a world-class beach resort, see nihi.com. It will be renowned for its preservation and sustainability. This is an investment that goes beyond tourism. It seeks to help and support the community via a symbiotic relationship. It has brought a positive impact into the locals’ lives. It is also is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations for the elite.

Nihiwatu’s accommodation is top-notch and intelligently luxurious. The villas have thatched roofs, the bathroom floors are sandy, and the verandas are lined with blossoming bougainvillea. The resort incorporates Sumbanesse traditional styles elegantly. They use materials such as alang-alang and coconut palms. It is above the Indian Ocean thus spacious and private. Besides that, the foundation has given back to the society in so many ways. It has built schools, water wells, clinics and made clean water accessible to the community.

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Meet Chris Burch, a mogul in multiple industries

Over the years, Chris Burch has been involved in many business ventures. His intuitive knowledge and understanding of customer behavior, his management skills and experience has enabled him to excel as an entrepreneur. However, Chris Burch showcased his entrepreneurial skills when he invested in Nihiwatu Resort.

Nihiwatu Resort

In 2012, Chris Burch bought a beach hostel owned by a couple from New Jersey located in Sumba Island, Indonesia. Together with James McBride, they invested $30 million for the refurbishment. In 2015, from the massive investment came out was a high-end five-star hotel Nihiwatu Resort.

The Nihiwatu redefined the service industry to the ripest. In 2016, it was voted the best travel and leisure hotel in the world. Located on the west coast of remote Sumba Island, Nihiwatu Resort has earned a nickname ‘The Edge of Wildness.’ The resort consists of 27 private villas accompanied with plunge pools overlooking Nihi Beach and in the crossways of Indian Ocean. Also, there two tree houses linked by bamboo bridges.

The resort surroundings feature elegant traditional Sumbanese antiques with local woods and Ikat designs. The hotel offers best beach spa. Also, the resort has wellness centers for group yoga sessions as well as private sessions. For the surfers’ enthusiast, the beach has got it all. Nihiwatu has a surfing slot that cost $125 per person and $250 for surfing lessons. Furthermore, there is sunset beach horseback riding for its clients.

Chris Burch has his private home on the resort, Raja Mendaka, which is available for the guest at the cost of $14,000 a night. Mendaka comprises of the main house and four more villas. Chris and McBride are planning to expand the resort’s services to Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch has been a serial investor for around forty years.  With reference from bjtonline.com, in 1976, as an undergraduate at Ithaca College, Chris began his entrepreneurial success. He partnered with his brother, Bob, to start Eagle Eye with $2,000. The business grew to a turnover of $165 million and later sold to Swiss Group.   Read more about him on forbes.com.

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Born on March 1958 in Pennsylvania, Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Based in New York, the firm manages brand development as well as overseeing venture investment. Chris is a co-founder of Tory Burch and investor in fashion retailer, C. Wonder. He has been involved in luxury and technology brand like Jawbone, Voss Water, and Poppin. Also, he participated on the board of The Continuum group and Guggenheim Capital.  Visit the website, hit on burchcreativecapital.com.

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Chris Burch Continues Success through the Luxurious Nihi Resort

Nihi Sumba Island was acquired by Chris Burch in 2012. Burch is also the co-founder of Tory Burch and C. Wonder. As business partners, James McBride and Chris Burch spent $30 million dollars renovating an Indonesian island hotel into a five star resort. Burch divides his time between three main homes with the island resort being one of them. Visitors can expect unique luxuries such as a spa waterfall and breathtaking views of the Indian ocean and Nihi beach.  Learn more about him and his various investments, visit his website, check on christopherburch.com.

The resort is now the largest employer on the island. The company provides funds to the local community through the Sumba foundation. Nihi is home to 27 luxury villas, each villa has its own plunge pool. Even Burch’s home is available for guests to unwind in. The residence includes four villas in addition to the main house. It also has a large, open entertainment area.

Guests can choose between two different tree houses, each with an infinity pool. The tree houses are linked by a bridge of bamboo and have balconies with astonishing views of the landscape. Expect Sumbanese decor and design throughout the resort. There are a number of different activities to take advantage of on the island of Nihi. Enjoy spa treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own room or visit the beach spa. The resort offers daily yoga, available in public or private. Take an excursion to the blue lagoon and witness the majesty of the island first hand. Ride on horseback along the beach and watch the sun rise or set.  Additional reading about the resort on forbes.com

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Rappi is another service app that offers users delivery from restaurants, markets, liquor, pharmacy goods, and a multitude of other items. Baublebar is another investment of Burch made in 2016. Baublebar is a jewelry ecommerce site that allows users to curate their own collections. Most recently, Ellen Degeneres and Burch entered into a partnership called the ED collection.  Related article on burchcreativecapital.com.

Nihi has had a 40 year career across a number of different industries. His businesses span across apparel, technology, hospitality, financial services, and consumer products. Burch invested in Rappi and Hooch in 2016. Hooch is an app that caters to the hospitality industry by providing users access to a free drink each night. With the Hooch app, users can visit a new bar each night to have a drink for a small monthly fee.Burch’s career started in 1976 when he started Eagle’s Eye apparel with $2,000. He shared ownership with his brother Bob.  More to read on ideamensch.com

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Nihi Sumba Island – Paradise on Earth

Mr. Chris Burch is a well-known businessman who has become famous for his many successful ventures over the years.

One of the most recent undertakings of Mr. Chris Burch is the luxury resort in an exotic location which is sporting five stars. Mr. Chris Burch chose the location to be an island called Sumba located in Indonesia. The five-star hotel used to be called Nihiwatu, and it also used to be owned by someone else. Mr. Chris Burch and Mr. James McBride partnered up to purchase the buildings and the surrounding areas. They renamed Nihiwatu into Nihi Sumba Island and created one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. It was voted two years in a row to be the best hotel by the top travel magazine. Check businessinsider.com.

In an interview, Burch shared his insight on things around his field of interest, hop over to ceocfointerviews.com to read it.

The vast project cost 30 billion dollars to renovate. It was purchased in 2012, and it took three years to restore it before it opened doors to visitors in 2015. The result of the efforts is a stunning masterpiece of a five-star resort. Nihi Sumba Island has 27 private villas. They are very luxurious and sport a personal pool. The opening of the resort brought a lot of new positions to the population of the island. In order to give back to the community, Nihi Sumba Island donates a part of the profit to the Sumba Foundation. The foundation is also based around the community, and it funds projects to make the life of the natives better. To relay the spirit of the island and its unique culture, Nihi Sumba Island is ornamented with traditional Sumbanese decorations such as local wood, Ikat Prints, and antiques. See Nihi’s images and additional article to read here.

Nihi Sumba Island offers a vast number of entertainment and wellness activities. There is a beach spa, surfing classes, and horseback riding. There is also a wellness center where clients can enjoy a session of daily group yoga and there also private classes available. Sightseeing is another available activity. A client can book trips to nearby waterfalls as well as a voyage to a blue lagoon at the end of which there are picturesque cliffs to dive from and swim in a natural pool.

The Nihi Sumba island is truly a paradise on earth. Mr. Chris Burch and Mr. James McBride are looking to create more places like Nihi. They have turned their eyes to places such as Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The resorts will be more accommodating to millennial travelers.   More to read about Burch on bjtonline.com.

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