Chris Burch invests in Nihiwatu the award winning resort

Global businessman Chris Burch has invested in a number of businesses, but his recent interest is in the hotel business. He partnered with his good friend James McBride who just so happens to be a hotelier to invest in a resort called Nihiwatu. It is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba and they purchase the property in 2012. Through hard work and time, they were able to turn the resort into a luxury resort that has caught the eye of many for excellence and beauty. They put $30 million dollars into renovating the now five-start resort. In 2016 Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu the best hotel in the world. Originally Burch bought the place for his children and the local community. One of the villas is Chris Burch’s private home called Raja Mendaka. He also lives in the Hamptons. Nihiwatu has 27 private villas surrounded in the pristine setting of Sumba. It is a beloved place for surfers, known for its perfect waves. Burch’s home also has four additional villas that all have their own plunge pools. Who wouldn’t like that? Additional reading on

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Chris Burch is a entrepreneur, CEO, businessman, real estate investor, philanthropist, and so much more. In his current role he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Burch Creative Capital in New York City, New York. He also sits on a number of boards and advisor roles including See The SEEN and Grability. He has over 40 years experience in the business of entrepreneurship and being an investor. Read his entrepreneurial views on business related matters, click on

Mr. Burch attended Ithaca College where he received his Business degree.  According to, during his time in college he started a clothing business with his brother. They later sold Eagle’s Eye Apparel which was worth $165 million dollars. He was also an investor for his ex-wife’s fashion brand called Tory Burch.

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Chris Burch- CEO of Burch Creative Capital

Over the entire career of Chris Burch, he has been into various businesses. He had helped numerous businesses grow. Since he was young, he has grown up in a business environment. From a young age, he was serving in his father’s construction business. It is a business that brought the entrepreneurial spirit in him. Chris Burch is driven by the need to be successful in life. In his life, he has made money from multiple businesses. Chris Burch is the owner and founder of Burch Creative Capital he also serves as the Chief operating officer of the firm. Burch Creative Capital is a firm that deals with the development of brands as well as investment.

Apart from Burch Creative Capital, he has also established other business that includes; Tory Burch LLC and C. Wonder. C. Wonder was however recently sold.  Related article on   Chris Burch has made a huge success in the business field. This is success that has earned him an appearance on the Forbes list of influential people in the world. He is among the most admired entrepreneurs of today.  For the latest news on his follow on investments, click on this.

According to Chris Burch, his aim is to help as many people as possible succeed in life and business as he has. He wants to create a successful path that many other entrepreneurs can follow on their way to success. As an entrepreneur, he is driven by passion and commitment to succeed he is determined to follow this path if success until he realizes the type of success that he dreams for. As a business person, he has diversified a lot. He has investments in various industries that include; resorts, hotels, real estate and fashion. As an entrepreneur, all the success that he has achieved has not come easy. He has worked tirelessly with dedication until now that he can say that indeed his efforts have come to fruition.  Read his shared views on business related matters, check

Chris Burch has about 49 years in the business career. In this duration, he has been able to learn a lot from various industries that he has invested in. Apart from his business ventures, he is a philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community. He is aloes recognized as an international hotelier. He owns the best resort in the world which is found in Indonesia.  Take a short trip to this best resort in Indonesia on

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Chris Burch has been able to succeed by ensuring that he is always doing something new. He is not the type of investor who will stick with one business. He always tries out new ideas. This element of being innovative have rewarded him very well.

Learning Good Entrepreneurship with Chris Burch

Entrepreneurship is one of the most demanding and also one of the most life-changing paths a person can take in regard to their career. Being an entrepreneur means that you need to have the traits of a leader, have a good understanding of administration and know the industry that you are entering, as well as your business model. Entrepreneurs need to be ready to fail and to learn from mistakes that can cost thousands of dollars.

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and innovator who succeeded countless times in his job, but also had his fair share of failures and disappointments. Chris Burch works in the industry of hospitalization, and he administrates and develops resorts, hotels, as well as many other types of businesses related to leisure and vacations. Know his latest innovative offering to the market, hit this.

As an entrepreneur, one of the earliest and most difficult decisions that Chris Burch had to make was: Luxurious buildings or cheaper and more accessible ones? Chris Burch chose the first option, and it has been working very well for him, as he has already developed many hotels and resorts that became very famous among tourists and travel magazines.  Check for a peek at his famous investment.

Chris Burch, in fact, is not only an entrepreneur, but he is also a philanthropist who has already made countless donations and charitable activities as the Chief Executive Officer of his company: The Burch Creative Capital.  Read important details about the company, check

As an entrepreneur, Chris Burch also has to deal with a lot of investment and business decisions that directly affect his income, so he has his own capital from which he decides, with a team of experts, the next couple investments that his company is going to make.  Related article on

Having more than forty years of career in the hotel and resort industry, the CEO of Burch Creative Capital very quickly became one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the business, and a voice in the industry that many magazines and newsletters pay very close attention to. His opinion on a hotel or a resort many times is considered a very valuable one, as the past of Chris Burch is teeming with successful businesses and investments that led him to his first billion dollars.

Being a philanthropist, Chris Burch also has traits that other entrepreneurs have not fully developed yet, like humbleness and care for the next person. Many individuals who have worked with Burch have stated that, with Chris being their boss, they could notice that the man actually cared for their personal objectives and their well-being in the company, like a real leader.

With more than 50 companies under his wing, Chris Burch has one of the most impressive records of entrepreneurship in his field.  For updates on his latest timeline activities, hop over to

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A brief look into the life of Chris Burch

Chris Burch has always had an eye for businesses that combine creative thinking in order to come up with unique products and services offered to customers. This, combined with an ability to satisfy clients’ unique needs, is what has been the motivating factor which he has always employed when conducting his businesses. Therefore, this is what Chris Burch, owner of Burch Creative Capital saw in Chef Andre Morataya when he sought someone to preside over a party he was hosting at his house at the Hamptons.

The kind of service he sought was one that would go on to leave each and every of his invited guest wanting and wishing for more, a sought off an unforgettable experience. With a grill set up, that would involve a unique cooking style from the master chef himself he knew that that would do the trick.

Chef Andre Morataya is one excellent chef whose cooking style has resulted in him creating some of the most appreciated delicacies that always leaves his customers yearning for more. Originally, Chef Morataya comes from Panama where he and his wife run one of the country’s most successful restaurants.

The restaurant’s name is Panga and it boasts a unique farm-to-table type of service. Here, the food being prepared for its guest is directly sourced from the farm before being served to the guest ordering it. This kind of service proved popular and launched his business to the next level earning much praise and recognition.

However, it is important to note that this achievement had almost not been realized when buying the restaurant’s equipment’s had become too expensive for him to afford. On the brink of abandoning his ambition of owning a restaurant, Chef Andre had resulted in innovatively building his own grill from which to cook. This and other cooking techniques he calls “back to the basics” turned his business around.  Additional reading on

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Using what you have to build a thriving and successful business is what Chris Burch and Chef Andre have in common. Chris Burch, who is now a successful businessman and innovator, started his business simply and worked hard to achieve all that he has today. It involved seeing a business opportunity when at the university that involved selling sweaters.  He bought them at $ 10 and sold them at $ 15. With increasing demand, he had turned to a manufacturer to supply him in bulk and a few years he built his own clothing brand. Check for additional article.  His success led to him investing in the hospitality industry in 2002. The resort he invested in was recently rated world’s number one five-star hotel in Indonesia.  Check this on

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Christopher Burch Establishes the World’s best Resorts!

Some may think Entrepreneurship, is all about drudgery and having a deep knowledge about extreme financial strategies. But Entrepreneurship is beyond than one can ever imagine. Entrepreneurship involves, Brainstorming risk taking, creative strategies, and also learning from the critics. When one talks about successful business, ideologies, and impressive gimmicks, Christopher Burch is one of a kind. Christopher Burch with his brother Bob established Eagles Eye, a fashion wear brand. Eagles Eye conquered an amount of $165 Million and then later it was sold. The CEO and the founder of the Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch is an innovative and a creative individual. With successful Entrepreneurial plans, Christopher Burch has created forever impact on every individual in the field of entrepreneurship. Christopher Burch has conquered deep knowledge and a profound experience in the field of real estate, classic fashion, new technology and various other industries.  To have a glimpse of the investor’s detail, browse here.

We all have heard of people having the most exotic dream luxurious resorts at enchanting places. Christopher Burch the serial entrepreneur, has gone far beyond to fulfil his dream of an ideal destination for a grand Five-Star resort. Officially declared as the best Resort in the world, Christopher Burch owns a glamorous resort in Indonesia. For related article, check  Nihi Sumba Island popularly known as Nihiatu is a heaven on the Earth. Travel + Leisure has voted as the World’s best hotel. Spending over a huge amount of $30 million on the renovation on the hostel Christopher Bruch and James McBride who is also an entrepreneur, bought a beach hostel and updated it to a 5-Star Resort in 2015, at Sumba Island in Indonesia.  Click on for additional article.

The main purpose of choosing this location was the specular aura of this natural beauty and the thrill of spending time on this on this isolated island. In 2015, Christopher Burch stated when he was interview by Business Jet Travel that he bought it for his children and with an expectation that it would be preserved. More to that he shared an amazing strategy, he stated that under a waterfall, one can build a spa and also have a butler in each room of the resort.  More of his views on

The thrill of being to a place where one has been to before, makes this an ideal destination for any individual who has an urge to explore the unexplored. In a busy schedule of an individual, this place takes one beyond the ordinary life, promising to be a luxuries destination.

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