Correctional Institutes Share Testimonials About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the most interesting niche companies I’ve come across in a while. The company provides technology solutions for correctional institutes and law enforcement, among a plethora of other things. I recently found an article where the correctional institutes and law enforcement groups Securus works with voluntarily wrote in to say how well the technology worked. I always think it is a great thing when people write voluntary reviews for a product or service that works well for them. I was surprised at how specific some of the testimonials. The technology provided by Securus has made a great deal of impact on many of these correctional institutes. Below are some examples I found very interesting.


A law enforcement group shared that by using Securus’ location monitoring services they were able to track down and recover a million dollars of illegal assets, including drugs. One correctional institute wrote that by using Securus call monitoring they uncovered that one of their own employees was smuggling contraband items to prisoners. The recorded call was enough evidence to get an arrest warrant and that poor behavior was stopped. Another correctional institute said that by using Securus Technology they were able to uncover an entire ring of crime at the prison. The crime consisted of gang violence, the selling of drugs and alcohol abuse. The correctional institute had no idea that this was happening within its wall. Another institution spoke about how they utilize Securus Technology when an inmate accuses another inmate or one of the prison employees of misconduct. By using Securus they are able to determine exactly what happened and who was at fault. Many people wrote in just to say how well the technology was working for them and how much they appreciated the benefits of having such state of the art technology.

The Public And Securus Technologies

At Securus Technologies, everything revolves around the safety of the people. They want the public to understand that this is what they are doing when they are inventing new and better technology. In an effort to show the people this, they have invited them to a presentation in Dallas, TX at their headquarters. When people are there they can see firsthand what the company is working on, and they can ask questions too. It will be a way for them to understand how important the public safety field is;.


They are also publishing a number of letters that they have received from people that have dealt with them or heard about them. These notes are filled with information that is beneficial to the public’s safety. The company works diligently to produce new and interesting technology every week.


For the company, they are in great demand all across the county, and they are well-known throughout the world. There is good reason to feel confident about the future of this company. The government uses them for help at their correction facilities, and the company deals with over one million prisoners every year. They use videos and investigations, as well as many other techniques to ensure the safety of the prisoners and the public. Their staff is truly committed to the goal of making the world a safer place, and they are doing their part in ensuring that it continues to improve on a regular basis.