From Heavy Metal to Financial Success with Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi can never be accused of failing to find success in whatever area of business or culture he chooses to undertake in his life. Now a successful financial and investment specialist, Cassio Audi had an earlier career as one of the leaders of the rise of the heavy metal genre in Brazil during the 1980s; Cassio Audi was a teenager in his native Sao Paulo when he and a group of friends formed, Viper, a band that would become one of the leading Brazilian performers of heavy metal in the nation.

Cassio Audi and his fellow Viper band members explained at the formation of the band in 1985 their main influences had been the British heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. Although the band specialized in heavy metal, they were also well known for their ability to slip into other music genres as the needs of the band and the songs being performed required. Viper singer, Andre Matos revealed in a 2013 interview the recording of the debut album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” was completed in a single week; Matos revealed his singing voice was damaged by the end of the week of recording sessions and left him struggling to complete the song “HR”. Cassio Audi played a major role in adapting his style of drumming to allow the feel of the song to become more punk-oriented. Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Viper had established themselves as one of the leaders in the Brazilian heavy metal genre in the mid-1980s with “Soldiers of Sunrise” before they saw the initial lineup of the band begin to change with Cassio Audi deciding his future would be better served by following his dream of a career in finance; Audi would go on to earn an MBA in Finance from Sao Paulo University before working for some of the world’s leading investment institutions.

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