Class Dojo Is Making Education Better In Every Classroom

Every student’s education is extremely important, especially as the world continues to grow and advance in all different ways. The students of today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow if they are guided in the right direction. There are many students out there today that have to struggle with their schooling, which ultimately gives them a bad experience for life. Thankfully there are educational programs out there aimed at assisting students to help them learn and get the most out of school. One such program is known as Class Dojo. This educational system is unique to most, however, as it is specifically aimed at improving classroom communication as well as the communication available to parents, teachers, and students.

Most other platforms for learning today are also costly, where Class Dojo remains free for everyone to use today. Sam and Liam, co-founders of Class Dojo believe all students deserve a proper and positive educational experience without a cost attached. This is why they traveled the country to find out the worst problem teachers believed were facing schools these days, and during most conversations communication came up as an issue. Class Dojo was designed to improve communication at all levels for everyone involved in the school environment. The storyboard as part of Class Dojo allows teachers and students to post notes, stories, videos, questions, and more as part of a classroom community.

Today, Class Dojo is seeing use in thousands of classrooms throughout the United States and the number is growing higher every day. Thanks to the platform being free, parents are able to check in on their students through the app at all times during the day. There is even direct messaging for parents to contact teachers about their students progress. This is possible through a constant internet connection, which happens to be the only requirement to use Class Dojo. No personal information is required to sign up and the program works on nearly all computers and smart devices. Getting started today is easier than ever with how much Class Dojo has spread and any teacher can give out an invitation to their students and their parents.