The Most Breathtaking Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Travel destinations that are eco-conscious are one of the most treasured world’s industry. They normally have the biggest impact on the economy of a country. Eco- tourists’ enjoy the variety of natural sceneries like colorful coral reefs, mountains, waterfalls, beautiful jungle life, and the awesomeness of the sprawling savannas. Some of the great eco-friendly travel destination include places like Kerala, Norwegian Fjord, and Kenya.


Places like Kerala which is located in Southwestern Coast side of India will give one a lifetime experience. It’s full of virgin forest, a clean sandy beach, it also has different species of animals and plants. Tourists visiting Kerala re encouraged to be environmentally friendly.


Kenya is also one of the greatest places that is a recommended travel destination to every eco-tourism loving traveler. Its rich wildlife and extensive savannas are simply breathtaking. It also has a virgin rain forest and the view of wildlife will give one an adventure of a lifetime.


Norwegian Fjords and their passion to environmental makes it a must place to be for every eco-tourist. The fjord is so stunning and also the waterfalls, as well as the mountains, are things one will thank nature for. Wouldn’t you love to tour such beautiful places?



Wild Ark was founded by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson and their team who are passionate about solving the problems that the wild faces in the world. It was mainly established to help in educating people on how the wild works and how it can be protected so as to save the future generations. The organization shares sustainable experiences that are eco-friendly and also recommends natural places that give people epic adventure.


Wild Ark has made protecting life in the wild part of their mission. They achieve this by conserving wildlife at the same time they try to create an interaction between people and the wild by enabling them access the wild content by using mobile phones. They offer research opportunities for people so that they can feel like part of the wild and be inspired. Their goal is to make people fall in love with the environment.


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