Assessing the Evolution of Hotel Real Estate

Hotel amenities such as free Wi-Fi connection, premium bed linens and complementary meals have become commonplace. Many industry players are now wondering whether this is a pointer that the sector is fast approaching the so-called customer satisfaction plateau. A report released by the North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study reveals that the industry needs to come up with superior inducements. The study is currently in its twentieth year. Every year, the overall guest satisfaction is measured.

Seven major measures are used to determine the overall satisfaction level of hotel guests. These are guest room, hotel services, hotel facilities, cost and fees, reservation, and check-in and check-out. The level of satisfaction is based on a thousand-point scale. Even though the overall satisfaction rate has been improving over the past four years, the rate is much slower than it was in the past. In 2016 for instance, it grew by a mere 1 percent, which is way lower than it previously was.

Industry expert, Rick Garlick attributes this to the fact that the incentives that were previously unique are now conventional and standards. Customers have become accustomed to them to the extent that they will demand for the amenities if they are not available. According to Mr. Garlick, it is up to hotel managers to step up their game so that they offer services that offer value to their brands. This will make guests to feel more appreciated.

Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes is one of Ohio’s most prominent commercial real estate agents. During his successful three decade career, he has sold real estate valued at more than 4 billion dollars. In addition, he has cut a niche for himself by selling the most exquisite hotels in the Midwest.

For more than thirty years, Terry has owned and operated Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd, which is based in Dayton, Ohio. He works with a team of experienced realtors to maximize client’s wealth. The firm is known for its incomparable market knowledge. It deals in both commercial and residential properties.

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