23 Year Old Prodigy Billy McFarland

23 year old prodigy Billy McFarland is the founder of social club Magnises. Magnises is all about their black card. It is their golden ticket that allows you to get into special events and receive deals you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. In specifics, the black card lets you get discounts at restaurants, bars, and clubs. It also lets you reserve things like private concerts and getaways.

Billy McFarland explains that Magnises is building a platform between new businesses and millennials. What’s even cooler is card holders can attend private shows by rappers Ja Rule or even Rick Ross! Maybe you want a discount on that next helicopter trip to the Hampton’s, then the black card is the way to go.

McFarland set up the business to target working professionals between 21 and 35 years old. Most of his clientele comes from finance, fashion, or tech industries. Not only did McFarland found Magnises, he also founded an enterprise company called Spling after he dropped out from Bucknell University his freshman year.

What is cool about Magnises is when companies arrange for cardholders to try out their products. It usually results in a luxurious and fun experience. One time Tesla arranged for cardholders to go to a racetrack to take their new cars for a spin. Who would turn down an offer like that? Also fellow members may organize an event at anytime such as the time a booze cruise was arranged in the New York Harbor.

Magnises recently relocated it’s headquarters to a penthouse at the hotel on Rivington on the Lower East Side. Members can use the space to work or hold meetings if they choose to. Billy McFarland is definitely ahead of his time and someone determined to show you what he and Magnises has to offer.