Answers for Incorporate Olympic Valley


It’s been a difficult time in Lake Tahoe. This is especially true for the communities in north shore. This is because there was a drought that caused a lot of resorts and businesses to lose money. These resorts usually saw a lot of people in the winter but that wasn’t the case due to the high temperatures. With such high temperatures there wasn’t much for tourists to do without the normal winter activities, such as skiing. The other difficulty that this area has faced in the past few years is a battle over getting Olympic Valley incorporated. It has been a long battle that a lot of citizens and business owners didn’t want to deal with.

The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, whose name is Andy Wirth, is very glad that both of these difficulties have ceased. According to Andy Wirth has put a lot of effort into making a great ski destination. He also contributes to a lot of organizations. These organizations focus on environmental issues as well as community service projects.

This organization helps military personnel and their families. He founded this team after he had a terrible accident after skydiving. He nearly lost his life when he landed in a vineyard filled with sharp wires and others items. After severing his arm and having to get medical attention he decided to help others.

The businesses and resorts in Tahoe were very happy when storms happened early in the season that made the temperatures right to open earlier than they normally do for the season.  Andy Wirth didn’t want this to happen because it would increase taxes on citizens in the area. It would also decrease services that people needed such as the removal of snow from the streets and maintenance of the roads. Now that they are not fearing incorporation Andy Wirth now wants the community to come together to deal with some of the issues they are dealing with. He wants to work with the community to come up with better transportation options for the people living and traveling in the north shore area.

Andy is very happy that he can continue to run Squaw Valley Ski Holdings without fearing incorporation. Most of the citizens in the area agree that this was a great thing for Lake Tahoe and the communities of north shore. This story originally appeared and was published in the Reno-Gazette Journal. You can read the original story and read more about it here: