Organo Gold : Meeting the demands of the 3rd wave of coffee

Coffee culture is no doubt part of our societies, from every part of the world coffee seems to be one of the few widely accepted stimulants. The popularity of coffee also comes from the fact that it is so cheap to make and consume, forget about the big brands if one wants a cup of coffee the price at a local nonbrand coffee house can cost you pennies. The beginning of the coffee craze in America began in the 1960s, however, the product didn’t go mainstream until it reached the west coast states and companies such as Starbucks began opening up shops all over the country. It is uncertain the true history of coffee culture, although experts have recently attempted to clarify it by coining the phrase “3 waves” to stratify our countries coffee consumption.

The First Wave

This first wave takes place from the years 1800 to the 1980s and mainly involved coffee brands such as Folgers, instant coffee that could be made from the comfort of your own home. Cups of joe that you could find in diners across America also fit into this wave. This first wave essentially came out of the era of convenience. The technology was becoming affordable to the average family and therefore many opted into having their own coffee pots in their homes.

The Second Wave

The first wave involved simply putting coffee products in the hands of Americans, the second wave came in the 1990s as companies began placing an emphasis on taste. Suddenly companies began adding fancy sounding names such as French press, espresso, or latte. This was done to appeal to customers seeking to find the best-tasting coffee.

The Third Wave

Many high-quality coffee brands such as Organo Gold would fit right into the third wave as the public were now seeking brands that not only tasted good but also where made by the finest ingredients and methods. The era of coffee appreciation has begun.

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