Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties. He was very happy when he looked through an index of real estate and noticed that the area of Dubai has not just kept its place as the most transparent real estate market, but also moved up eight spots in global rankings. This is great news for the real estate sector. Although it is something that made the DAMAC owner very happy, it was not something that surprised him because moving up is something that the city of Dubai has always prided itself in doing.

The real estate market is offering new investment opportunities daily to investors from all across the world. Investors have learned a lot over time, and have become smarter about the highs and lows of properties. In 2018, Dubai added over 14,000 properties to the real estate market. Although this is a lot of properties, it is not enough to help the cities fast growing population. Decisions are made by country leaders and new offers are made. Dubai is going to see a rise in interest and a rise in foreign investments.

Dubai is a fast changing area as a global innovation hub. They are aimed at bringing transparency to the area. There is no need for paper documents anymore as new platforms offer complete management of real estate sales. Using this type of platform, owners can buy, sell, and even rent their properties easily.

Dubai’s real estate market is continuing to grow and change. This will only continue to make the DAMAC Owner more and more successful as years go by. Hussain Sajwani is already very successful with what he does. Learning more and more about real estate from trial and error will help him to continue to grow his wealth. Dubai is going to make him very successful.

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