Eric Lefkofsky Hopes Tempus Helps Find a Cure

A cure for cancer could be in patients’ DNA, at least that’s what Eric Lefkofsky believes. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus after he saw the problems in how his wife’s patient information was stored and accessed after she received a diagnosis of breast cancer. He also wondered why certain information wasn’t more commonly used as part of a patient’s overall health profile.

Tempus essentially would act as an operating system for cancer treatment and eventually maybe patient care in general by making patient care data-driven. In addition to making information that has already been collected properly analyzed and translated into structured data from fields that are many times hand written, Tempus seeks to make having ones entire genetic sequence as a traditional part of a patient’s health history. Having this information readily available could not only make it easier for doctors to identify treatments that are the most suitable for a patient’s particular chemical makeup, but it could also help identify diseases before they happen by identifying problems a patient is genetically at risk for.

Eric Lefkofsky not only hopes his company will help find a cure, but his altruistic efforts also show where his passion lies. Lefkofsky and his wife have donated millions to cancer related causes specifically in addition to many others. As members of the giving pledge, the Lefkofsky’s have pledged to give over half of their earnings to charitable causes within their lives.

A graduate with a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School, Eric Lefkofsky teaches at the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor. With an interest in advancing the lives of the children in the Chicago area, the Lefkofsky Foundation focuses on human rights, education, arts, and medical research. It was established in 2006 Eric and his wife.

Eric Lefkofsky cofounded groupon and stepped down from CEO to Chairman to better facilitate Tempus. He also co-founded Uptake and Lightbank as well as founding the companies MediaBank and Echo Global Logistics. Lightbank invests in disruptive technology startups, many of which are located in and around the Chicago area.

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