Chris Burch Expands His Holdings to Include the Indonesian Resort Nihiwatu

A five-star resort owned by Chris Burch and James McBride Nihiwatu is located on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. The resort features 27 villas with their own plunge pools.

Other accommodations include a pair of bi-level treehouses. Featuring five bedrooms and a pool with a view of the Indian Ocean Chris Burch’s personal home “Raja Mendaka” can be reserved.

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For 25 years James McBride managed hotels for other companies. He and Mr. Burch purchased Nihiwatu in 2012. The two invested $30 million in overhauling the property. Leisure + Travel declared the resort to be “The Best Hotel In The World” in 2016.  This link on has additional article about this best hotel in the world.

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Investment Capital. Mr. Burch has had a hand in creating over 50 successful enterprises. Burch Investment Capital has holdings in numerous industries including home furniture, organic foods, the garment industry, hospitality, and technology.  For more details about him, check

Chris Burch established The Christopher Burch Foundation to honor the memory of his son Chris. The foundation is devoted to improving the lives of the less fortunate. Nihiwatu is an extension of his charitable endeavors.   Read his views on business related matters, click on

Besides providing jobs for the local population a portion of the resort’s profits benefits the Sumba Foundation. The SF works to preserve the Sumbanese culture. Local arts and crafts are part of the hotel’s decor. The foundation is also devoted to the health and education of the Sumbanese.

Nihiwatu offers a variety of pastimes. Surfers can ride swells that originate in the southern Indian Ocean. Lessons are available for less experienced wave riders.

Excursions to swim in a blue lagoon are available. Guests can take a sunset horseback ride along the beach. Yoga classes are offered at the Wellness Center or a personal session can be arranged. There is also an extensive indoor/outdoor entertainment area.

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Chris Burch invests in Nihiwatu the award winning resort

Global businessman Chris Burch has invested in a number of businesses, but his recent interest is in the hotel business. He partnered with his good friend James McBride who just so happens to be a hotelier to invest in a resort called Nihiwatu. It is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba and they purchase the property in 2012. Through hard work and time, they were able to turn the resort into a luxury resort that has caught the eye of many for excellence and beauty. They put $30 million dollars into renovating the now five-start resort. In 2016 Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu the best hotel in the world. Originally Burch bought the place for his children and the local community. One of the villas is Chris Burch’s private home called Raja Mendaka. He also lives in the Hamptons. Nihiwatu has 27 private villas surrounded in the pristine setting of Sumba. It is a beloved place for surfers, known for its perfect waves. Burch’s home also has four additional villas that all have their own plunge pools. Who wouldn’t like that? Additional reading on

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Chris Burch is a entrepreneur, CEO, businessman, real estate investor, philanthropist, and so much more. In his current role he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Burch Creative Capital in New York City, New York. He also sits on a number of boards and advisor roles including See The SEEN and Grability. He has over 40 years experience in the business of entrepreneurship and being an investor. Read his entrepreneurial views on business related matters, click on

Mr. Burch attended Ithaca College where he received his Business degree.  According to, during his time in college he started a clothing business with his brother. They later sold Eagle’s Eye Apparel which was worth $165 million dollars. He was also an investor for his ex-wife’s fashion brand called Tory Burch.

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Investor And Entrepreneur Chris Burch Introduces The World’s Best Hotel

Fashion mogul Chris Burch has built a 5-star resort in Indonesia on Nihiwatu, a remote island, now called Nihi Sumba Island. Travel + Leisure voted it the best hotel in the world two years in a row. Burch purchased a beach hostel on the island’s west coast with hotelier James McBride in 2012. They invested $30 million to renovate it and reopened it as a luxury island resort in 2015.

The resort has 27 private villas each with private plunge pools and decorated with Ikat prints, local wood and traditional Sumbanese antiques throughout. One of the properties, Burch’s private house called Raja Mendaka, includes four other villas and rents for $14,000 a night. The resort boasts a spa located under a waterfall, breathtaking views of Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean, an immense indoor-outdoor entertainment area and 2 two-story tree houses joined by a bamboo bridge. Each has a private infinity pool, balcony, bedroom, bathroom and living area.

There are daily group or private yoga sessions, specially tailored surf lessons on a beach that’s a surfer’s paradise, spa session on the beach or in your room and horseback riding at sunrise and sunset on the beach, through the hills and past the rain forest and rice fields. There are excursions to nearby waterfalls, rock diving into a blue lagoon and Jeep and boat safaris to wilder parts of the island.

Burch and McBride plan to build similar resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Burch Creative Capital’s founder and CEO Christopher Burch has been investing in businesses for 40 years. He began while a student at Ithaca College in 1976. Working with Bob his brother, he invested $2,000 and started Eagle’s Eye Apparel. They bought sweaters and sold them door to door. They eventually sold the company for $165 million. Refer to for a related article.

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Next, Chris Burch became an Internet Capital Group early investor. He has gone on to invest in companies in a variety of industries including technology, real estate and luxury brands like Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, Voss Water, Jawbone, C. Wonder, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, TRADEMARK and Bur+Mah. Burch also provides support for many lifestyle and consumer brands. Part of the secret to Chris Burch’s success is his intuitive understanding of what customers want, his experience with sourcing and sales and his blending of innovation and implementation.   Read an entrepreneur’s view on business related matters on

Caring and socially conscious, Chris Burch gives generously of his time and resources.

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Chris Burch Made Things Easier for Those Who Wanted to Vacation

Recently, Chris Burch won an award for the Nihi Resort that he started. The resort is one that is different from any other and it makes vacationing a possibility for people who have never had that chance before. Chris Burch knew what he was doing when he started the resort and it was evident in the fact that the resort has been extremely successful. He has always wanted to give people what they were looking for and that’s part of what made him so successful when he was just getting started on the different opportunities he had.

The award was given because Chris Burch had done a good job starting the resort and he was running it effectively. There were many other resorts that had been in the running, but none of them had the same options as what Chris Burch had done at his resort. It was part of what allowed him to be among the best and part of what gave him the inspiration to continue helping people through different issues that he was working on. Nihi continues to impress people no matter what type of budget they have or what they like to look forward to.   Additional article on

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As long as Chris Burch is doing his best, he is going to make the resort better than all the rest. He has always wanted to make sure the resort can be profitable and the people who work in the resort are getting what they need. He also likes to cater to different budgets because he thinks it is an important part of running a successful business. Chris Burch keeps everything in perspective when he is working toward the help he has at the resort. It allows him the chance to give people what they are looking for in different ways of vacationing.   Take a tour to this awesome resort, click on this link on

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The Nihi Resort will continue to get better as Chris Burch thinks of new options and ways for it to improve. He has always wanted people to realize they are getting a great experience and they are going to be a big part of the industry. For Chris Burch, this means he has to make sure there are other options and there are things he can focus on. He wants to bring attention to the resort and to the things that people can do while they are working on their vacation while they are at the resort and enjoying each other.  To learn more about him, check on

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