Nick Vertucci’s Active Involvement in the Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is the pioneer and chief executive officer of Real Estate Academy. Nick had a humble beginning when growing up. At the age of 18, he moved out and began his first business. For years he managed his store that sold computer parts.

Nick’s early life

After an economic downturn that severely affected his business, he started thinking about venturing into real estate. Nick later attended three-day real estate training conference that ultimately changed his life. Feeling inspired and ready, Nick Vertucci launched his first venture in the real estate business that has since earned him money as well as an excellent reputation in this industry at A couple of years later, Nick established Nick Vertucci Companies Inc., a business that offers solutions to people who wish to begin real estate investing. Nick uses his companies to mentor future investors interested in property development.

Nick’s role in the Real Estate Academy

Under Nick’s management, the Real Estate Academy teaches people various skills so that they can tackle their day-to-day challenges. Nick Vertucci works in collaboration with a team of industry leaders who are committed to teaching individuals the skills they need to succeed. Some of the skills people learn include finding better deals, property development, and marketing of finished properties. Other skills taught include:

• Asset protection

• Commercial investments

• Flipping and rehabbing properties

• Wholesaling

• Leveraging fund investments

Nick Vertucci and his company occasionally raise millions of dollars to support students who wish to learn and explore real estate sector. His success system involves three keys steps, which include finding better deals that involve acquiring properties at low cost with the aim of selling at high prices. Nick’s second phase includes developing the acquired properties, wholesaling, or renting them out. His third and most important step is getting paid. Nick terms this process as the cashing the check step on He also holds weekly workshops in various parts of the country, including Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Fresno, California.

Nick Vertucci’s advice to investors is to strive to build a brand that can generate long-term benefits. He prides himself as a businessman who has made millions of dollars in the real estate business and is always willing to teach people how to prosper as he has. Nick has developed various study sessions on, such as ways to build a cash buyer list, how to maximize real estate education and the ultimate retirement strategy. During his spare time, Nick Vertucci spends time with his wife and three daughters.

End Citizens United – An Intro.

End Citizens United, a Top PAC with a Focus on Driving Large Amounts of Money Away From The Political Sphere, Now Raises Large Amounts of Its Own.

This top-dog organization has recently collected slightly over $4 million during 2017’s first three months and projects to raise $35 million before the 2018 congressional midterm elections as stated in fundraising details made known to USA TODAY. This would be a crucial surge from $25 million that the Political Action Committee – or PAC – accepted in 2016’s elections, its first cycle in full operation. Approximately 100,000 people assisted the PAC during 2017’s first quarter, 40,000 giving their first run. The group’s leaders mention that their goal lies in electing campaign finance reform champions into Congress.


PAC 2017 Run

The PAC’s 2017 average contribution has only hit $12 thus far, and this group’s donors feel as if the system rigs itself against them, one in which those capable of writing the bigger checks get the biggest say in the matter; this is their way to fight back. Only further adding to the stated momentum, Democrats are now furious about President Trump’s victory and eager to retaliate against Trump’s agenda and nominees, which even include his Supreme Court choice of Judge Neil Gorsuch.


Recent Contributing Efforts, Their Impact and Result, and Moree

In recent weeks, the PAC has helped to push its contributors in donating $500,000 to Democrat Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign; Ossoff, 30 years old, is a first-time candidate residing in Georgia. Ossoff has likewise surprised the political establishment through raising over $4 million for April’s special elections that sought to occupy a Republican House seat within suburban Atlanta, one left vacant by the Health and Human Services’ Secretary, Tom Price. Muller, who also formerly served as a deputy political director for the Senate Democrats, noted that the group’s still examining its future active races for 2018 while indicating that it could play a vital role in defending Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown – of Ohio – and Jon Tester – of Montana – this next year.


2010, 2016 and Beyond – The Political Arena Games Continue

This group’s name references the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, one which opened the doors to union and corporate donations within candidate elections and also helped to launch super-sized PACs that may raise and spend unlimited amounts. End Citizens United serves as a traditional PAC and may not accept donations of more than $5,000 from any individual donor. Despite this donation cap, its 2016 fundraising helped to vault it to the highest ranks of any Democratically-aligned group’s spending in last year’s elections.