Real Estate Investing With Samuel Strauch

If you want to invest in real estate, you need to have a plan in place to do so. A lot of people wrongly assume that real estate investing is easy once you get started. Samuel Strauch is a real estate investor who has a lot of experience in the Miami area. Over the years, he has worked hard to develop a plan for the future. Not only that, but he is working on things that can help him make a difference in other areas as well. If you are ready to start investing for the future, he is the type of person to go to. Samuel Strauch is one of the leading real estate minds in the country, and he is excited about the changes that are going on.

Samuel Strauch

From the time he was young, Samuel Strauch has always been interested in business and investing. He has a logical mind and he is ready and willing to help others in the process as well. With all of the experience that he has, Samuel Strauch (@samuelstrauch) has been able to make a lot of great real estate deals in the Miami area. If you want to work with him on a plan for the future, you can do so easily. Not only that, but you can start to see why so many people look up to him in a variety of ways due to his hard work in the field.

Final Thoughts

Overall, real estate investing is not as easy as a lot of people think it is. If you want to build wealth over time, you need to have a strategy that is conducive to building wealth as well. There are a lot of people who are ready and willing to make a difference in the lives of other people in the world like Samuel Strauch.

Fabletics for the Offline Shoppers Makes Competition With Amazon Easier

Fabletics is the brand that is perfect for women that are working out. It is the clothing line that women in fitness are patronizing. What Kate knows about her fan base is that these women are going to fluctuate in size. She is selling fitness clothing to women that are working out. Once they start working out it is obvious that they are going to lose a little weight. Kate Hudson realizes that an order for her business to thrive she has to have stores in position where women can buy new workout gear when they have lost the weight. She knows that she has to ability to gain repeat business from consumers because their weight will change as they get in shape. That is why she is adamant about bringing physical stores to consumers. The Fabletics brand is very popular right now, and the consumers that are able to go to stores will be able to try clothes on.


This is very important for all of the consumers that may be losing a tremendous amount of weight over time. They want to be sure that the clothes that they are buying or going to fit properly for their workout routine. Fabletics has grown in an amazing way over the years, and more people are going to find out about this brand now that she plans to open as many as 100 stores in the next five years. This is a significant amount of growth for a company that was not even known to the American public 10 years ago. It also shows that Kate Hudson has a strategy and a goal-oriented task of expanding her brand on a global scale. She is not going to be content with simply focusing on the American market. That is why there is a website that caters to consumers in Australia. There’s also a Fabletics site that is connecting customers and Canada with the Fabletics brand. This shows that she is thinking on a worldwide scale in her desire to branch out.


The Fabletics brand is definitely one that is reaching a young crowd because many young consumers get all of their information from the Internet. They are looking at ads online and seeing other people that are commenting on this brand through Instagram and Facebook. What Kate Hudson is now trying to do with physical stores is get the older crowd of consumers that have not embraced online shopping yet. There are still lots of consumers that purchase goods but they do not have a connection into the social media world. Kate Hudson has already been able to attract a large majority of customers this way, but she knows that she is going further with social media. She has to dig in deep and get consumers that are still watching television more than they are browsing the internet. This is a middle-aged and older crowd of women may only patronize her Fabletics brand if they have a physical store to go to.

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Troy McQuagge Awarded

Troy McQuagge currently works as the president and CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, the USHEALTH Group. In the last nominations, Troy was declared the Gold Winner CEO by the during One Planet Awards. These are internationally recognized awards, and they mostly honor individuals and businesses who have shown excellence in different industries. Companies from all walks of life are allowed to participate in these awards.Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group seven years ago. His primary objective when joining the company was to turn it around and make it one of the most successful in the industry. He decided to start the process by rebuilding the captive distribution agency of the institution, famous USHEALTH Advisors. Fortunately, his first strategy was successful, and he was able to retool the organization. His success at this strategy led the board of governors to appoint him as the president and chief executive of the powerful group. As the chairperson of the institution, Troy has worked tirelessly to ensure that USHEALTH Group increases its sales and profits in the challenging industry.

The businessman is very excited to have been honored by the prestigious One Planet Awards. Troy says that the award has earned the respect of the stakeholders in the industry because it only honors the best, and he is excited to be part of it. According to Troy, the award represents the people working in his organization. He also says that the award shows the commitment portrayed by the company in solving the consumer healthcare problems. The businessman believes that the products from his company are very affordable to the consumers, regardless of their earnings. The needs of the customers are always given the priority.Planet One Awards have been around for some years now. Since they were established, they have been focusing on honoring companies and individuals from all over the world who excel in different fields. Planet One Awards are given to the public, private, profit and non-profit-making institutions. The awards are currently conferred into various categories.

The USHEALTH Group considered being one of the largest insurance holding companies in the world. USHEALTH Group has its headquarters in Ft. Worth. Since it was established, the primary goal of the company is to provide consumers with innovative health coverage. The company works with individuals who are self-employed and those owning small businesses. USHEALH Group has been so successful because it has a team of talented and experienced professionals who have worked in the competitive industry for a very long time. These individuals understand the competitive market, and they help the customers choose the best covers that are affordable and suitable to their needs. Under the leadership of Troy, the company has changed significantly.

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