From the Start, OSI Group Has Used Technology To Grow

OSI Group, one of the world’s leading food providers, started as a small, family-run butcher shop on the west side of Chicago. Founder Otto Kolschowsky opened the shop in 1909, just two years after immigrating to the United States from Germany. The business was successful and within a decade expanded into wholesale. In 1928, Kolschowsky’s business was rebranded as Otto & Sons. Business remained stable and successful for many years to follow.

Following World War II, the American economy began to grow. During this time, Otto & Sons formed a business deal that may very well be a key factor in the success of OSI Group to this day. Otto & Sons made an agreement with Ray Kroc, owner of the first McDonald’s, to supply ground beef to the restaurant.

With the rapid expansion of the McDonald’s franchise, Otto & Sons began focusing mainly on supplying beef to these restaurants. A major part of the responsibility of Otto & Sons was to be able to provide each McDonald’s restaurant with a consistent and affordable product. The invention of the flash freezing process allowed Otto & Sons to do this, leading to them becoming one of only four core suppliers in the McDonald’s supply chain.

Because Otto & Sons was a supplier for small restaurants as well as the McDonald’s franchise, the company eventually split production and built a plant dedicated to production for McDonald’s alone.

Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. The company began expanding outside of the Chicago area, opening facilities across North American throughout the 1970s and 1980s. OSI followed McDonald’s into the international market, forming joint ventures with companies in Germany and Spain. OSI Group continued to expand internationally, forming joint ventures in a variety of countries in Europe, South America and Asia.

Today, OSI Group operates a global chain of processing plants for more than just meat. OSI also has acquisitions and joint ventures with manufacturers of processed meat, fresh produce, frozen foods, pizza and more.

As they did from the beginning, OSI Group still remains focused on innovation and technology. As consumers grow more conscious of what they’re eating, OSI focuses on creating the best products by using the most up-to-date technology in food safety and quality.

OSI has also won a number of awards for their focus on sustainability and the impact of food production on the environment.

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Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur who has made his vast wealth through investments across multiple industries which include technology, real estate, and fashion.Chris Burch began his rise to success as an undergraduate at Ithaca College where he and his brother invested in a start-up company called Eagle’s Eye apparel. They invested $2000 in the company, and when it was eventually sold to Swire Group, the company was valued at $165 million. After the sale, Chris Burch made several early investments in various industries including Internet Capital Group. Currently, he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital which specializes in investing in new markets.

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Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial talents can be witnessed with his investment in a remote island called Sumba which he saw as a beautiful location for a resort that could attract the affluent and adventurous ( The Island was mostly uninhabited and had a reputation as a destination for surfing. Moreover, Sumba had a natural appeal with its aesthetics and smooth coasts. Building a resort on the island was achieved by Claude and Petra Graves in 1988, and when Burch heard of its beauty and freedom, he decided to help on expanding. Burch then contacted his friend James McBride, former president of YTL Hotels in Singapore, to visit the island who gave very positive reviews about is natural beauty.

After touring for the second time with his sons,Chris Burch decided to buy the resort and called it Nihi Sumba Island. What followed was significant investments to upgrade the facilities and constant expansion of the resort through acquiring more land in the island. Since Chris Burch’s acquisition of the resort, it has become a popular destination for the upscale travelers. It has also been ranked by Telegraph as one of the 50 most magnificent hotels in the world.

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Fagal’i Airport, Upolu, Samoa

Way, way out in the Pacific Ocean, lie the Samoan islands Savai’i and Upulo, which make up the bulk of the Independent State of Samoa, the remainder is composed of four smaller islands. On Upolu, which lies east (and a bit south) of the largest island, Savai’i, you’ll find Fagali’i Airport.

It’s not a big airport, consisting of a single runway roughly 2200’ long. But it would be hard to situate an airline in a more beautiful part of this planet. It’s located near the small village of Fagali’i (pop. approx. 1570) and is wholly owned and operated by the government of Samoa.

Fagali’i is one of two airports on the island of Upolu, the other much larger one, is Faleolo International Airport. Fagali’i is served by two airlines — Samoan Airlines (formerly Polynesian Airlines) and Talofa Airways. Both airlines use turboprop aircraft to service airport’s the relatively short runway.

Samoan Airways provides a connection to Pago Pago in American Samoa (further southeast of Upolu). Talofa Airways also provides connections to Pago Pago, but additionally to the island of Tonga. The airport is also popular with private aircraft, both prop, and turboprop.

Upolu island ranges from beautiful, to nearly indescribably beautiful. Perhaps that beauty is why it’s been so popular with the Survivors reality TV series. The Falefa Valley is a lush carpet of grassland and dense forest. Should you vacation in Upolu, be sure to consider spending a couple of days in a beach fale — a lovely, open-air, thatched hut on posts, that serves as shade during the day, and with the woven mats unrolled to form walls, as sleeping quarters at night. It’s as charming a beach experience as can be found.

Dr. Saad Saad: Saudi Arabia Opportunity

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon well known for his many accomplishments in the field. He has over 40 years of experience as a pediatric surgeon. He holds a 4.1 out of 5-star rating based on patient reviews. He is located in Eatontown, New Jersey, which is where he spent the majority of his career. In 2014, Dr. Saad won two awards. The first award was the Patients Choice Award which signifies that he receives a lot of positive patient reviews. He also won the Compassionate Doctor Recognition which is a certification given to doctors for honorable bedside etiquette.


Dr. Saad is affiliated with a number of hospitals in the Eatontown, New Jersey area including the Clara Maass Medical Center and the Monmouth Medical Center. Dr. Saad has always wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of his patients. Therefore, he created two devices that have made the surgical experience less evasive and quicker. The endoscope device that Dr. Saad created has been used thousands of times with great success. It removes the need to take the endoscope out of the patient to clean it in the middle of a procedure. Overall, Dr. Saad is a role model for success.


Dr. Saad life began with humble beginnings. He was born and raised in Palestine until he and his family were relocated to Kuwait. He recalls the day that his mother received word to take her family and load a bus going out of town. Watching his mother leave the house key under the welcome mat made him believe they were coming back. However, that was the last time they saw their home in Palestine. Sr. Saad finished high school in Kuwait. Then he attended Cairo University in Egypt where he graduated as salutatorian of his class. He then migrated to the United States to become board certified. Once he achieved this, he became the prime candidate for the golden opportunity. Dr. Saad received an invitation to serve as the pediatric surgeon for the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia. He was the only board-certified pediatric surgeon that spoke Arabic and English. This was a wonderful time in Dr. Saad’s life as he was able to make a difference while doing what he loved. While in Saudi Arabia, he worked at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. He performed a number of operations. Some were simple, while others were more complex. One of the most complex surgeries that Dr. Saad performed was on a baby that had suffered an aneurysm. Dr. Saad saved the baby’s life and got the opportunity to share the details of the procedure in a well-known scientific journal. Dr. Saad was well respected for his skills and his ability to help pediatric patients. Learn more:


Entrepreneur Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is a successful entrepreneur. Chris invests widely across different industries and has been in the business for over four decades now. He is responsible for the rise of some technology and luxury brands. Those brands include Faena Hotel Universe, Voss Water, Jawbone, and Poppin. Previously, he was a board member at Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group.

The US-based billionaire, Chris Burch, grew an interest in Sumba, a remote Indonesian atoll. It is the native home of Christian-Animist tribes. That is a group of people characterized by their belief in animals’ and plants’ spirits. Sumba Island has a rich cultural heritage yet so poor financially. The Island stole Burch’s heart when he visited the place roughly two years ago.

The beautiful landscapes and the warm welcome he received blew his mind. This was not what he was expecting. He then decided to invest in Nihiwatu. It is a small beach resort established by Claude and Petra Graves in the 1980s. Before Burch put in his investment, it was just another simple beach resort. Also affiliated with a charitable foundation that helped the locals. It was for this reason that Chris Burch decided to invest in Nihiwatu and the foundation (

Two years into the investment, Burch has accomplished his mission of transforming the resort. He put in $30 million, and he has got value for his money. He has turned around Nihiwatu Beach Resort into an exclusively luxurious and sustainable resort. The area surrounding the resort is naturally beautiful. It is a lush jungle with sandy beaches and breath-taking waterfalls.

Burch plans to develop Nihiwatu into a world-class beach resort, see It will be renowned for its preservation and sustainability. This is an investment that goes beyond tourism. It seeks to help and support the community via a symbiotic relationship. It has brought a positive impact into the locals’ lives. It is also is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations for the elite.

Nihiwatu’s accommodation is top-notch and intelligently luxurious. The villas have thatched roofs, the bathroom floors are sandy, and the verandas are lined with blossoming bougainvillea. The resort incorporates Sumbanesse traditional styles elegantly. They use materials such as alang-alang and coconut palms. It is above the Indian Ocean thus spacious and private. Besides that, the foundation has given back to the society in so many ways. It has built schools, water wells, clinics and made clean water accessible to the community.

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Penelope Kokkinides and an Action-Packed Career

Penelope Kokkinides works for InnovaCare Health as its Chief Administrative Officer. She is a graduate of a couple of two extremely credible educational institutions as well. These are both Columbia University and Binghamton University of the State University of New York. Kokkinides has a background in the medical care world that’s substantial. She concentrates on programs that were put together by the United States’ government. Medicaid and Medicare are two major examples of such programs. She has proficiency that relates to devising and putting together all kinds of in-depth clinical programs. She has the ability to handle all kinds of medical care practices, too. Kokkinides is enthusiastic about strengthening day-to-day tasks of all varieties.


Some of Kokkinide’s particular areas of proficiency are disease management, clinical operations, medical care operations, case management, public administration, public health, social work, mental health and special needs. She doesn’t only speak English like a native, either. She can speak Greek fluently as well.


She’s worked as the Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare Health since the summer of 2015. The company is located in Fort Lee in Northern New Jersey. It’s a relatively quick drive away from the middle of New York, New York and all of its lively action. Kokkinides was part of the Centerlight Health System staff. This started in the winter of 2014 and ended in the summer of 2015. She was its Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. This job took place in the borough of the Bronx in New York City.


Penelope Kokkinides has enjoyed a lengthy career thus far. She worked for United Healthcare for an impressive 10 years starting in the middle of the nineties. She got the job in 1996 and stayed with it until 2006. She functioned as United Healthcare’s disease management Vice President. Kokkinides worked for a branch of United Healthcare for some time as well. This branch was referred to as Americhoice. She also was Americhoice’s disease management Vice President. Aveta, Inc. is yet another trusted company that has a lot of familiarity with Kokkinides. She was its clinical operations Vice President between the years of 2006 and 2008. She started in the autumn of 2006 and left in the summer of 2008.


She is eager to give her attention and effort to many different causes out there. Some of the causes that are close to Kokkinides’ mind are social services, poverty and animals.


Chris Burch: the Nihiwatu experience.

Chris Burch is an internationally known fashion mogul and business entrepreneur ( The business guru transformed a surfing destination into a five-star destination. The destination is called Nihi, and it is located in the Sumba Islands which is an extremely remote area with very few inhabitants. The hotel which was launched in 2015 has been voted as the best hotel in the world by the Travel and Leisure magazine edition of 2016 as well as 217. The idea of starting the resort came from the mogul who traveled to the area and was intrigued by it and thus partnered up to transform the area to a worthwhile destination.

Nihiwatu which means Mortar stone in the native language was acquisitioned by Claude Graves and his wife Petra Graves in 1988. They came to view the perfect waves evidenced in the island. After the visit, the couple decided to build a resort that would uphold the area’s beauty as well as its uniqueness. The couple named the resort Nihiwatu

Burch comes in the scene by realizing that the area has all forms of freedom with no regulation whatsoever. This was in 2012 when Claude Graves wanted to expand the resort. Chris involved a hotelier named James McBride who was at the time the president of YTL Hotels based in Singapore who would be a good expert in expanding the property.

After multiple trips to the island, the two businessmen bought the property and expanded it to become a favorite destination stop for various upscale travelers from all walks of life all over the world. The resort sits on a seven hundred acre land and is ever increasing as Chris tends to build more structures in the hotel.

The resort is designed to fit the culture of the area and is usually referred to as the ‘edge of wildness.’ The hotel comprises of thirty villas located in the mainland. Each villa is built with woven-reed floors, thatched roofs, and basins that are carved in stone. The villas also have a full exclusion with a breathtaking view of the sea. Families that want their privacy can access the beachside property which is a three-bedroom villa.

Nihiwatu has also incorporated a restaurant which has clean and safe tasty dishes that come from the sea and earth in the location. The recipes include green papaya salad with a dressing of chili lime as well as Balinese Braised pork ribs.

The resort has various activities which the tourists utilize fully. Some include a hike to the Nihi Oka Spa Safari as well as yoga classes done in the resort. There are also land as well as sea excursions to local indigenous sites of the area.  Check for an interesting interview

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OSI Group — The Operations Improvements

In a recent acquisition, OSI Group has dilated their operations to incorporate a bigger production mill in the European countries. They have purchased a brand new facility in Chicago. The small details surrounding the acquisition haven’t been revealed to the public; however, we can anticipate the spectrum of advancements to be wide. They will probably begin creating contracts with more American distributors. We can rightfully surmise that the corporate has profited by creating such an excellent purchase, and it is guessed that these acquisitions are a part of a bigger strategy to expand overall production. The OSI Group has been the planet’s leader in chicken production within the last century, and they hope to continue this reign. The factories they purchased ought to create an environment full of tough competition.

By getting the mill enlargement in Chicago, OSI Group has doubled its chicken production capability. The country of Brazil, as well as the country of Spain, are a couple of the world’s largest purveyors of chicken. It’s been calculated by census that for each person in the urban center there are two chickens consumed on a daily basis. This means that for every family in Brazil there should be an availability of at least 5 chickens per day. The amount has accrued from the level it was three years prior, and it shows signs that it’s still increasing.

OSI Food Solutions is hoping to enhance its chicken production capability so as to stay the pace with the growing range of families that are requesting chicken in European countries. The amount has been on the increase for over five years, and as poultry becomes a national delicacy, additional families can take part of the dietary changes. The impact of the demand for chicken is seen across the factories that OSI Group has designed. Their factories are outfitted with the latest technology. The assembly of chicken for consumption has doubled, and they are ramping up their factories to continue at this pace. The chickens that are created for consumption lead satisfactory lives, and are fed in clean enclosures to guard the purchasers from disease or illness. OSI Group takes the health of their animals as a heavy task. They investigate their production centers regularly, and they take their responsibility to shoppers terribly seriously. This is what has made OSI the number one provider of poultry throughout the countries of the world.

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A Look At Some Fun Things To Do In Samoa

Traveling to Samoa for vacation is a popular activity for some people around the world but in particular both those in Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. The most convenient way to get there is by air and many choose to take a flight which lands at Fagali’i Airport. This airport is conveniently located next to Apia. There are two airlines that make use of Fagali’i Airport. The first is Polynesian Airlines. They fly exclusively to nearby American Samoa with several daily flights.

In July 2017, Talofa Airlines also began to use Fagali’i Airport. They fly to Tonga. At the time a spokesman for this airline said that it is really difficult to travel between American Samoa, Samoa, and Tonga. He said people in Tonga had to first fly to American Samoa and then go to Fagali’i Airport. As all three of these countries have a lot of expats it made it difficult and time-consuming to go home for a vacation.

Once a traveler to Samoa has dropped off a bag at their hotel, the vast majority of which are just a short jaunt from Fagali’i Airport, they have a wide range of things to do. One of the most fun tours of the island it is located on, Upolu, is said to be Back of the Ute Samoa. The tours last at least three hours and can include multiple activities depending on what people want to experience. Daryl, especially, is said to be a really great tour guide who knows tons of information about Samoa and its locations.

Another popular destination for travelers is Plantation House Samoa. This is located 4.3 miles from Fagali’i Airport. They have tons of genuine hand-crafted Samoan products for sales. Reviews say that amazing gift can be had hear, including many authentic styles of clothing. One of the most popular items is the lava lava’s (beach wraps) as well as their homemade jewelry.

Getting in and out of Fagali’i Airport is a breeze given that it’s is small. It is only used by 19-seater airplanes so there are no crowds to contend with making it a relaxing experience.

Daniel Taub: The Fear of Iran’s Nuclear Threat

Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to the UK and International Lawyer, has insisted that the Geneva deal is dangerous and that the Jewish state may form partnerships in the Middle East in order to negate Iran’s present nuclear threat. He firmly insists that the Geneva accord, will not be enough to contain Iran’s posed threat or to slow their progress in obtaining nuclear weapons.

Isreal’s national security team discussed the matter with American officials, realizing that the current dire situation may require some previously unconceivable partnerships. Daniel Taub raised the notion, in reference to the Tehran-sponsored Shia alliances, of the likelihood of an alliance between Isreal and Sunni countries that are just as apprehensive about Iran and nuclear weapons.

He notes that when you observe these counties, you realize that if they can see past some obvious differences, there is actually a lot of common ground, and they are unified on the important core strategic issues.

It is based on these similarities that they can begin to strengthen their relationships. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

In spite of the long-lived dispute between these countries, Daniel Taub thinks that all of the current changes are forcing many to make decisions that they hadn’t in the past. That creates an opportunity for Isreal to be the partner for some of the things they are looking for.

There are parts of the Middle East who are more progressive and want to be prosperous, those are the groups that may be willing to discuss a relationship. Daniel Taub insisted that the relationship with Western allies is still healthy, despite Iran’s heavy opposition.

The underlying concern is that Iran is getting increasingly closer, as opposed to further away, from becoming a nuclear weapon state.

Daniel Taub’s issue is that the election of a new president in Iran, Hassan Rouhani, has been seized by the West as a deal-making opportunity. America is thought to be working directly with the Ahmadinejad regime, who is known to hate Isreal.

This creates an even worse situation for Isreal. However, in reference to Iran’s nuclear objectives, Isreal now potentially has allies closer than the United States.

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